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Cryptokang’s MOGGATHON: A Sensational First Week of Unstoppable Growth




London, UK, September 7th, 2023, BTCWire 

As we step into the seventh day of September, Cryptokang’s riveting MOGGATHON event continues to captivate audiences worldwide. The exponential growth and buzz generated during the initial six days have shattered all expectations, setting new records in the live streaming landscape. The crypto community has rallied around Cryptokang, acknowledging his prowess and the magnetic appeal of the MOGGATHON, a month-long voyage through the volatile seas of cryptocurrency trading.

Remarkably, Cryptokang has now solidified his standing, ranking second amongst crypto streamers on the Kick platform, a feat that speaks volumes about his expertise and the magnetic content being relayed daily. But the accolades don’t stop there. Cryptokang proudly stands as the fourth most viewed amongst Italian streamers, 194th amongst male streamers globally, and holds an impressive 339th position in overall rankings. These rankings are a testimony to the immersive content Cryptokang has been delivering — an electrifying concoction of strategy, wisdom, and the raw excitement that is crypto trading.

An enticing growth trajectory showcases an over 70% increase in viewership from the inaugural day to the sixth day of MOGGATHON, with average views spiraling upwards with each passing day. The journey that began with an ember of passion has ignited a wildfire, engaging a steadily growing audience eager to witness history in the making.

It is not just the community rallying behind Cryptokang; many eminent projects and influencers have begun gravitating towards the MOGGATHON, signaling their interest and admiration for this unparalleled event. The synergy between knowledge sharing and live trading action has created a ripple effect, encouraging broader participation and fostering a community where everyone can learn and grow.

Cryptokang’s endeavor, supported generously by sponsors like, VELA Exchange,, and COREUM, is more than just a live streaming event. It is a celebration of the crypto world’s dynamism, bringing together novices and veterans alike to witness the strategies that can pave the way to success.

As we advance through September, the MOGGATHON promises to build upon this fantastic foundation, with greater heights still to reach. Stay tuned as Cryptokang navigates the crypto markets, sharing insights and strategies that can only be experienced live, in an event that keeps rewriting the record books with every new stream.

Don’t miss out; tune in to be part of the crypto live streaming phenomenon that is MOGGATHON — where every day is a new journey, and every stream holds the promise of something truly extraordinary.


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