Data-insights can help investors chase prime assets with accuracy, say experts at Clear Estate

Prime assets sell like hot cakes. They are gone before you can even search for them, which is why, you need something like Clear Estate. This online portal provides data-inputs surrounding the current and future trends of real estate to help investors find the right property.

The investment community will have to develop assets in fast-growing, but higher risk emerging economies to maintain their property portfolios. They need to think laterally to earn attractive returns and specialize in the fast-growing subsectors, such as agriculture.

Many global real estate investors are considering investing in such properties. In the last couple of years, the existing investors have bought up a large chunk of commercial real estate in prime locations, leaving little for new investors.

The availability of commercial real estate is limited. Inadequate market knowledge is not helping new investors in finding their feet, but upcoming firms like Clear Estate are opening new doors for investors. They are able to find desired properties that can serve their purpose in the longer run. 

On the other side of the spectrum, with increase in urban density, realty developers will need to use the space innovatively. They must adopt new techniques to understand the sentiments of buyers. The property changes and investment-centric approach can prove to be helpful. Online portals like Clear Estate can serve the developers with the updated data, and realtors can learn about the factors that determine the investment decision.

We can see the reflection of shrinking apartments in metropolitan cities like Gurgaon. The effect of urbanization is fully visible in this city. These cities are attracting millennials, the young middle class people and the trend is likely to continue in the coming years as well. So developers need to focus on green fields and brown fields for the proper growth, much like Salt Lake City and Mohali. They were facing challenges there as well, with the shrinking apartments and urbanization at its peak, but after they specialized in the fast-growing subsectors like agriculture, the major part of the problem was unraveled.

But at the same time, the focus should also be on the availability of data regarding such opportunities for a decent exchange of information between the developers, buyers and investors. The need of data-insights cannot be ignored at a time when all the sectors are data driven. With companies like Clear Estate investors can still make the right choice.

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