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DCFS – In the Age of Web3.0, Computing Power is the Future!

Adriaan Brits



Traditionally speaking, Web 3.0 is a new stage in the development of the Internet. It is built on the current Internet (or you can call it Web 2.0), and the changes that Web 3.0 brings take the Internet to a whole new level. Computer scientists and internet experts believe these changes will make the internet smarter and our lives easier. And the practitioners of the crypto asset industry give Web 3.0 higher expectations, they have begun to expect the breaking of the monopoly of traditional Internet giants and creation of a new free world.

Web 3.0 is a comprehensive system, it tries to realize the transformation in storage, protocol, network, mechanism, application and production way, organization way, distribution way. Therefore, it not only changes life (including finance, certification, bills, government affairs, copyright, traceability, medical care, public welfare, business, organizational methods, and many other aspects), but also extends the imagination (such as games, metaverse and other fields).

And the most important part of this system is the computing capability on data of the digital network. That is computing power, it directly affects the normal operation of the entire system and optimization progress, computing power affects the value and significance of the Web3.0 Era.

It can be said that in the web3.0 era, computing power represents the future!

Computing power is the core productivity in the digital economy era. The more synergy between emerging technologies and computing power, the more obvious the impact of computing power on the economy. The Internet industry uses computing power to realize the application of emerging technologies and technological innovation. Emerging technology applications are accelerators to promote the development of computing power. Open computing is the direction of future computing power infrastructure. The new normal gives birth to new business models. Computing power becomes the foundation of economic and social development.

DCFS takes “computing power as the core, application as the driving force” as its core idea, focusing on promoting the application of emerging technologies and technological innovation, and the application level and computing capacity will be coordinated development, to form a close interacting loop of computing capacity, application level, and economic growth.

DCFS high-performance computing nodes can provide high-performance computing power services for many industries, including data preparation, data processing, AI model training and model reasoning, face recognition, graphics rendering, blockchain zero-knowledge computing, etc. High-performance computing nodes in DCFS can be composed of a variety of shapes, including large GPU, NPU, FPGA server cluster running full function node (permanent node), small and medium-sized enterprises idle spare GPU/CPU server computing node and individual idle GCPU/PC computing node.

DCFS classifies computer resources in terms of computing power and connects them loosely to a particular platform. At the same time, it utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the reliability of data, to solve the problem of scheduling small and medium-sized computing resources in the whole network, and to become a computing power scheduling center integrated with high-performance, data storage ability, processing function in the Web 3.0 era.

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