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Decubate Launches Incubation Program with Breakthrough Success of Solidus Ai Tech





Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, August 23rd, 2023, BTCWire 

Decubate, a leading platform in the crypto ecosystem, has made significant strides with its comprehensive suite of services for blockchain projects and startups. With an array of offerings, including staking and vesting solutions, market-making, custom development, and its unique launchpad, Decubate has firmly established itself as a go-to destination for budding crypto enterprises.

Decubate’s staking and vesting solutions offer the advantage of securing digital assets and optimizing growth potential. Tailored to individual projects, these solutions ensure that startups have the funds they need to fuel their growth while offering investors the security and potential returns they seek. Decubate also provides startups with the added benefit of a dedicated staking and vesting portal hosted on their own subdomain, like or, for a seamless and professional user experience.

In addition to these financial tools, Decubate’s market-making services help crypto startups establish their presence and credibility in the marketplace. Through strategic trading activities and asset management, Decubate supports startups in maintaining a stable and healthy market for their tokens. By addressing liquidity concerns, managing token supply, and assisting with market sentiment, Decubate plays a pivotal role in the success of the startups it supports.

Decubate’s custom development solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each startup. From blockchain development to smart contract creation, Decubate’s team of experts assists crypto startups in building robust and secure platforms tailored to their specific objectives.

One of the most prominent services Decubate offers is its launchpad, a platform designed to bring crypto startups and investors together. The launchpad offers crypto projects the exposure they deserve, while providing investors with the opportunity to support promising projects at an early stage.

However, the jewel in Decubate’s crown is its incubation program, which supports early-stage startups in the crypto space. The program provides tailored assistance, from tokenomics advisory and product-market fit to business networking and legal compliance.

Today, Decubate is thrilled to announce the resounding success of its first incubated project – Solidus Ai Tech, a high-performance computing (HPC) firm that has already garnered over 1400 participants on its whitelist, specifically on the Decubate launchpad. This venture, a collaboration between Decubate and ChainGPT, highlights the potential of blockchain technology in the rapidly evolving Metaverse and AI domains.

The company is distinguished by its eco-friendly computing, exceptional security, and advanced AI & Metaverse solutions, setting it apart as a pioneering force in the HPC landscape.

The success of this incubated project marks a promising beginning for Decubate’s incubation program. By providing the necessary tools, support, and resources, Decubate aims to empower more crypto startups to navigate the complex blockchain landscape and achieve success.

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