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Description of Colored Fiberglass Texturized Yarn





Colored Fiberglass Texturized Yarn is created through a specialized process where regular single or assembled glass fiber yarn or roving is subjected to jet air bulking. This process compresses and volumizes the yarn, making it fluffy and loose, which significantly enhances its thermal insulation properties and softness. This transformed yarn is highly suitable for various applications where high-temperature resistance and insulation are critical.

Properties and Benefits:

  1. High Temperature Insulation Efficiency:
    • The texturizing process increases the surface area of the yarn, improving its ability to trap air and thus providing better insulation against high temperatures.

  2. Softness and Flexibility:
    • The voluminized yarn is much softer compared to its unprocessed counterpart, making it easier to handle and more comfortable in applications that require direct contact with the material.
  3. Strength and Durability:
    • Despite being soft and fluffy, the yarn retains high tensile strength, ensuring durability and longevity in demanding applications.

  4. Versatility in Colors:
    • Available in various colors such as black, gray, red, blue, and green, this yarn can meet specific aesthetic or coding requirements for different industries.

Key Features:

  • High Strength: The inherent properties of fiberglass combined with the texturizing process result in a yarn that is both strong and durable.
  • High Flexibility: The increased bulk and softness provide excellent flexibility, making it suitable for applications where the material needs to conform to complex shapes or surfaces.


  1. Thermal Insulation Fabric:
    • Used in fabrics designed to provide high-temperature insulation, protecting equipment, and personnel from heat.

  2. Fiberglass Rope Gasket:
    • Ideal for creating gaskets that need to withstand high temperatures, such as those used in furnaces, ovens, and other industrial equipment.

  3. Filter Fabric:
    • Employed in filtration systems where high-temperature resistance is crucial, such as in certain chemical or manufacturing processes.

  4. PTFE Coating Membrane Fabric Basis:
    • Serves as a base material for PTFE-coated fabrics, which are used in various industrial applications for their chemical resistance and high-temperature stability.

  5. High Temperature Sewing Thread:
    • Suitable for sewing threads used in high-temperature environments, ensuring that the seams remain intact and durable under thermal stress.

By incorporating colored fiberglass texturized yarn into these applications, industries can benefit from improved thermal management, increased safety, and enhanced performance of their products and processes.

EAS Fiberglass Co., Ltd is a professional fiberglass products supplier and provides comprehensive and effective material industrial solutions covering the market of high-performance FRP, highly effective temperature insulation, and highly convenient construction. Nowadays, EAS owns various product lines of fiberglass yarn forming, woven fabrics, fabric coating/lamination, FRP, etc. The complete product lines enable EAS to master the quality control and products market competitive. Taking this advantage involves us in many projects and enhances brand promotion. Certified ISO9001-2008 equips EAS staff and management with a more professional operation. Certification of test reports for products is made by third-party laboratories SGS, TUV, DNV, etc.

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