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Dimitri Margolin, the Brilliant Engineer Behind the Future of Semiconductors

Amanda Wayne



Semiconductors are everywhere – which is why the industry depends on experts like Margolin to keep things moving forward.

Semiconductors are indispensable components that power a vast array of today’s technological innovations; from enabling smartphones and computers to function, to driving the brains behind electric vehicles and managing the complex systems within smart home devices, they are foundational to modern electronics. Every time you text your best friend or stream your favorite show, you depend on semiconductors. Most people couldn’t even work without semiconductors, as our society depends so heavily on computers.

Dimitri Margolin is one of the foremost Senior Field Service Engineers (Customer Engineer) within the semiconductor manufacturing industry, as well as an honored member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and IAHD (International Association of Honored Developers). Dimitri is  known for his innovative approaches to process optimization, sustainability, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. His many contributions include global enhancing Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) processes, mask inspection and production, and advocating for the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices since 2007.

Interviewer: Welcome, Dimitri, and thank you for joining us today. You’re renowned for your work in the semiconductor industry, which is foundational to virtually all modern electronics. Could you start by telling us why semiconductors are so vital to our everyday lives?

Dimitri Margolin: Absolutely, and thanks for having me. Semiconductors are the heart of today’s technology—they power everything from smartphones and computers to electric vehicles and smart home devices. Our society’s reliance on computers means that, fundamentally, we can’t operate without semiconductors. They enable the functionality and connectivity that we take for granted every day.

Interviewer: Your inventive and future-focused work, particularly in Chemical Mechanical Planarization processes and sustainable practices, has positioned you as a leader in the field. Can you share more about your approach to these advancements?

Dimitri: My focus has always been on optimization and sustainability. For CMP processes, we’re looking at how to make semiconductor manufacturing more precise and efficient, which is crucial for the industry’s ability to meet the demand for more complex chips. On the sustainability front, it’s about integrating environmentally friendly practices into our processes to minimize our ecological footprint. This means everything from reducing waste to adopting green manufacturing practices.j

Interviewer: Speaking of advancements, you played a pivotal role in the implementation of the Reflexion® LK Prime® CMP system into chemical mechanical planarization processes in the plants of semiconductor manufacturing. How does this system change the landscape of the semiconductor industry?

Dimitri: The Reflexion® LK Prime® CMP system is a leap forward. It features multiple polishing and cleaning stations, which allow for more precise and efficient processing of semiconductor wafers. This is especially important for complex layers of 3D NAND chips, where smooth surfaces and minimal defects are crucial. This system doubles the speed of wafer processing, significantly boosting productivity and ensuring the industry can meet future needs.

Interviewer: Your work also includes integrating AI and machine learning into manufacturing processes. How have these technologies transformed semiconductor production?

Dimitri: AI and machine learning have been game-changers. They’ve allowed us to implement predictive maintenance and improve process control, which in turn boosts production yields and reduces downtime. This integration keeps on the front lines of tech advancements. And that is crucial for developing advanced electronic devices.

Interviewer: You’re also known for your commitment to environmental stewardship within the industry. How do you balance technological advancement with environmental concerns?

Dimitri: It’s all about finding that balance between pushing technological boundaries and being mindful of our environmental impact. I advocate for using environmentally friendly materials and optimize processes, which has helped reduce the industry’s ecological footprint, saving time of production and non-recyclable chemicals. This approach addresses environmental concerns and inspires a broader shift towards sustainability in the industry.

Interviewer: Finally, what impact do you believe your work has had on the US semiconductor industry and its global competitiveness?

Dimitri: My work focuses on technological innovation, process optimization, and sustainability, and I believe that my work has helped strengthen the US position in the global semiconductor industry. Advancements in CMP technology and the integration of AI into manufacturing processes have led to higher quality semiconductors at lower costs. Moreover, our focus on sustainability positions the US industry as a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing, which is increasingly important for global competitiveness.


Interviewer: Dimitri, it’s clear your work is advancing semiconductor technology as well as shaping the future of the industry. Thank you for sharing your insights with us today.

Dimitri: It was my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Dimitri Margolin’s many contributions to semiconductor technology and manufacturing processes are accompanied by his mentorship and leadership within the professional community. He shares knowledge and experience, and nurtures the next generation of engineers and technologists. His influence means that tomorrow’s industry will keep thriving – and his dedication to professional development has led to him becoming a sought-after expert in his field.

Margolin’s vision and contribution play a key role in the future of semiconductors. It’s brilliant minds like his that are keeping technology moving forward while maintaining environmental responsibility – keeping the lights on while keeping the planet safe.

The Israeli native relocated to the United States in 2021, where he has spent the last 2 years honing his skills, providing premier technical support, providing innovative energy efficiency solutions, and using his global diverse skill set to boost customer satisfaction in the newvest technology of Mask Inspection tools.

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