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Dishonored 2 is a forthcoming action-adventure video game that is being developed by Arkane Studios. The game is scheduled to be release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on November 11, this year.

The game allows the players to decide whether to play as Corvo Attano or as Kaldwin after playing as Empress Emily in the prologue of Dishonored 2. The players can also decide to play stealthily and finish the game without any killing. Although the developers have said that there will be a “third” path, there are no details about it.

Emily and Corvo will both go through similar set of missions, but through different paths and from different perspectives.

Just like the first game, the players will be able to access supernatural powers. However, the upgrade system has undergone changes, becoming a skill tree with many paths and additional possible upgrades. For instance, a power may be non-lethal or lethal upgrade. Corvo still have many powers that he had in the first game. Emily will have different powers including “Shadow Walk” which change her into a shadowy cloud, moving swiftly and changing tangibility at will, and “Far Reach” which enable player to move without physical movement, comparable to “Blink” power of Corvo from the original game.

According to the developer, Dishonored 2 will be more interesting and challenging than its predecessor. For example, the player will be seen by the guards if he/she peers from behind a barrier for too long.

Developers behind the game say we will have a very different Corvo from the previous game. Corvo is an ex-soldier who became part of the Royal Protectors and eventually bodyguards to the Emperor. Quickly, he became known as the most skilled soldier in the world.

The main characters of the game are Corvo Attano, a former guard, turned killer, and Emily Kaldwin, the former Empress of Dunwall. Luca Abele)—the duke of Serkonos; Paolo—the Howler Gang’s leader; Meagan Foster—the Dreadful Wale’s captain; Liam Byrne—the vice overseer; and Mortimer Ramsey—a member of the Dunwall city watch are other characters in the game.

Generally, the game is very interesting and it is believed it will attract many game fans. Fifteen years after the Plague of Dunwal; the Empire starts to plunge into disorder after Empress Emily is suddenly dethroned. Determined to claim the throne, she follows her royal protector ‘steps ,becoming an Assassin. With the Outsider’s mark, her aim is to reclaim her title.

. The art director of the Game is Sebastien Mitton. Previously, Mitton had played the role of the director on the first game.

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