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DJ ICEBERG on his Success as a DJ and a Radio Personality

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In the time before streaming services, it was obvious to see how integral DJs were for the proliferation of new music. DJs were often the distributor of new underground sounds, and the best way for consumers to hear about artists and their offerings. However, in a contribution for Forbes, Lauren deLisa Coleman states that, “even with the advent of streaming technology, social media and more, somehow the DJ not only still plays extremely vital parts as both disseminator of music and overall tastemaker but is now increasingly playing a stealth and impressive role in driving actual consumer sales in real time.” This indicates the continued relevance and importance of the DJ, despite the massive utilization of streaming services.

DJ ICEBERG is both a radio personality and DJ that has highlighted the necessity for the role. ICEBERG has utilized his platform to highlight new and upcoming artists in his local music scene, and has continued to enthrall crowds with his distinct sound and style.

How Timothy Clarke Became DJ ICEBERG

Timothy ‘Tim’ Clarke was born in New York. However, he has spent most of his life in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Both New York and Atlanta have their own unique and diverse musical histories and cultures. As a result, Clarke grew up with an understanding of New York Hip Hop, as well as southern rap. When Clarke embraced his career as a DJ, he decided to combine elements of the New York Hip Hop scene with the influential rap style of Atlanta. Clarke attended Georgia State University, and joined the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. This offered Clarke with a unique opportunity to develop and hone his skills as a DJ, as well as a performer. He performed at a variety of fraternity events, such as parties, and other student events. Similarly, during this period, he was also able to perform at nightclubs in the area. 

Since permeating his presence as DJ ICEBERG, Clarke has been able to develop an authentic sound and persona. He has developed ways to ensure appealing transitions, as well as fine tuned his interaction with crowds. DJ ICEBERG is now the resident DJ for his old fraternity, and continues to build strong connections with the music scene in Atlanta. 

DJ ICEBERG on his Work as a DJ and Radio Personality

Clarke states that he enjoys performing at music festivals and other live events the most, as this is the best way to naturally interact with crowds and consumers. He enjoys feeding the energy in the room, and ensuring that the crowds are enjoying themselves. 

In recent years, Clarke has invested much of his time into radio. He is both a mixshow DJ and a personality with HOT107.9 –  a popular radio show in Atlanta. Similarly, he is also a regular participant and DJ for Sirius XM’s Shade 45 show, which is titled ‘StreetizWatchin.’ Through his connections with the Atlanta radio scene, Clarke has been able to perform at multiple live events across Atlanta. This includes all radio events. In addition to this, he has also performed at large scale music festivals. 

Apart from his presence as a DJ, Clarke has also been able to express himself as a personality. Whilst doing his usual radio shows, Clarke has had the opportunity to interview and interact with multiple industry heavyweights, like Lil Wayne and 2Chains. This has been an important part of his career, as it has afforded him the potential to develop an authentic brand, by representing himself as an entertainer in a variety of ways.

Clarke states that it is his goal, for the next few years, to develop his connection to the corporate aspect of the music scene. He would like to have an active role in planning and organizing events with brands and other artists. In addition to this goal, Clarke would like to create and promote his own podcast, which would be dedicated to new and interesting music. This podcast would also allow room for general discussion on the music scene, as well as future events. 

Final Thoughts

It is clear that the DJ is here to stay, and that despite the evolving nature of the music industry, their relevance has maintained itself. DJ ICEBERG has been able to attain success in the music industry by leveraging his connections with both radio, and the community he lives within. As a result, he has enjoyed the opportunities of being able to consistently perform and do what he loves. 

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