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DoorSpace Launches App to Assist Burdened Clinicians and Healthcare Organizations

Adriaan Brits



DoorSpace has officially launched its app for clinicians and healthcare organizations.

The app is designed to help licensed clinicians of all ages and stages of their careers by making it easy to keep track of their credentials, certifications and admin-related work. 

“Releasing this app to the public is a large step in ensuring that licensed clinicians and healthcare employers are maximizing their days without being bogged down by credentialing, redundant paperwork and other time-consuming, administrative tasks. Healthcare organizations need to step into the 21st century, particularly their HR departments. Our app can help providers get back to their mission: taking care of people,” explains DoorSpace CEO Sarah M. Worthy.

Sarah M. Worthy is the CEO and founder of DoorSpace, a company that is transforming the way healthcare organizations retain and develop talent while solving critical turnover issues in the healthcare industry. Sarah has over 15 years of experience in the B2B technology and healthcare industries. Doorspace’s innovative technology “flips the script” on the question from “what makes people leave?” to “what makes people stay?

Physicians face an overwhelming schedule of visiting and caring for patients and administrative work and credentialing. DoorSpace’s app cuts down on that by streamlining the process and keeping all data in one secure place that physicians can access at any time throughout their careers.

“Today, with the launch of DoorSpace’s groundbreaking app, we are redefining the way healthcare staffing operates. Gone are the days of fragmented and outdated data management. Our commitment is to empower both healthcare providers and clinicians with streamlined, interconnected data solutions. We believe that by enhancing the employee journey, we’re not just reducing turnover and administrative burden, we’re elevating patient care,” states the Chief Physician Executive at DoorSpace, Paul Bergeron.

Based in Houston, Texas, DoorSpace is delivering cutting-edge talent development software through their innovative, cloud-based platform. With a people-centric approach that helps healthcare professionals focus on what matters most: their patients and themselves. DoorSpace is changing the game by seamlessly integrating personnel, administration monitoring, and organization systems; they’re streamlining healthcare processes and helping organizations retain and develop clinical talent. DoorSpace is all about making work better, for the people making a difference in our communities.

The innovative app from DoorSpace marks a significant leap forward in the healthcare sector, particularly addressing the cumbersome administrative tasks that often burden healthcare professionals. With its user-friendly interface, the app is a boon for clinicians at all stages of their careers, enabling them to efficiently manage credentials, certifications, and other administrative work. This modernization is not only about facilitating smoother operations but also about enabling healthcare professionals to focus more on their primary role: patient care.

The app is a step towards that transformation, helping to reduce the time spent on credentialing and paperwork. 

The app’s release is particularly timely, given the high rates of burnout and administrative burdens faced by physicians. By providing a centralized and secure platform for data management, DoorSpace’s app can simplify the tedious processes, allowing healthcare professionals to access their information anytime. This feature is vital for physicians who juggle patient care with administrative responsibilities.

Paul Bergeron, the Chief Physician Executive at DoorSpace, highlights how the app redefines healthcare staffing by offering an interconnected data solution that streamlines processes. By improving the employee journey, DoorSpace not only aims to reduce turnover and administrative burdens but also to enhance patient care. This goal aligns with the broader vision of DoorSpace to revolutionize healthcare by integrating staff management, administration monitoring, and organizational systems through their cloud-based platform.

DoorSpace’s approach centers around the well-being of healthcare professionals. By simplifying and streamlining work processes, they help healthcare organizations retain and develop clinical talent. In essence, they are making a significant contribution to healthcare by improving the work lives of those who make a difference in our communities. Their app is a testament to this mission, heralding a new era in healthcare management and administration.

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