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Dr Jay Feldman

Importance of technology in various fields, as per Dr Jay Feldman. Technology helps us to minimize the time required to do day-by-day work.  Like, we can order meals online through the usage of apps on cellular phones. It is one of the first-rate matters that no human being can’t stay beside it. It is turning into a critical phase of human being life.

We all are surrounded by the aid of technological know-how in our life. From the morning alarm to the change of the mild at night, we are routine of it. Due to this, people experience extra invulnerability in his day to day things to do in their private and company life.

What is technology

Technology is described as, the use of skills, knowledge, process, and approach to gain a precise goal. The goal or aim is to amplify manufacturing capacity, scientific investigation, reap the efficiency, and more.

In easy words, science is the development of technical guidance, of the usage of machines to reap desirable efficiency, wholesome life, much less effort, and to do work.

Importance of science in several fields

We all are conscious of why science is necessary for human beings in their life. In historical times, nothing is like a machine. For every kind of work, human beings require to get bodily involved.

Like a burning fire, cooking food, transportation, farming, etc. After a few decades, human beings began the use animals for more than a few works like farming, transportation, etc.

Inventions of the wheel are the beginning of new technology, says Dr Jay Feldman. Human begins and the use of new machines which can minimize the time to do work.

With time so many machines had been getting into action. Human beings getting to be aware of the significance and importance of technology.

Fields exhibiting the importance of technology

Following are the fields by Dr Jay Feldman which exhibit how & why technological know-how is essential for human beings in their life.

importance of Technology in Education

Advancement going on in the training machine is outstanding. If we evaluate our training devices from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first century, the effects are hilarious.  In historical times, humans use ink made from plant life and the use of a brush made from animals’ hair. By the use of this, they make paintings.

With time, adjustments are made. In the nineteenth century, the training device begins with ink, paper, blackboard, chalk, slate, and pencil. A human being uses fabric for writing and portraying in notebooks.

But in the 21st century, the academic device is greater advance. We are now the use of mobile, laptops, tablets, and projectors as a substitute as learn about materials.

The holographic show is the subsequent development in the coming years. In this COVID situation, online school rooms are the modern instance of advancement.

Students can effortlessly get entry to all sorts of statistics very effortlessly from google, Dr Jay Feldman said.

Importance of technology for students

Various systems are used mainly for imparting expertise to the students. Students can additionally make their websites by taking satisfactory internet hosting from quite a several sources.

Reasons exhibit the importance of technological know-how in the training system.

  1. Help to enhance the studying experience.
  2. It helps to enhance the relationship between college students and instructors digitally.
  3. Students can examine new matters with its assistance of it.
  4. Helps to expand the understanding of retention rate.
  5. It helps to hold college students engaged with education.

Importance of Technology in the Communication device

Few many years ago, there is no platform accessible for speaking with an individual who is some distance away from you. You can ship a message by put up & it takes time to carry your message.

But now the time has changed. If we have appeared in business, private or cultural life, conversation performs an essential role. Because it connects two awesome human beings who are a ways away from you.

In business, some technological apps like Google meet, Microsoft teams, Zoom & Skype play an indispensable position in workplace digital meetings. Employees from two exceptional commercial enterprise devices can meet and talk about work-related stuff by way of the use of this software.

As we know, COVID-19 teaches that hold a protected distance from every different at some point during this pandemic time.  Today’s conversation machine performs a splendid function to maintain our lifestyles safe. It is one of the exquisite significances of technology.

Importance of technology in security machines

The biggest assignment in a safety device is too important to our data, money, or any private element in a safer place. There is a superior locker the place you can hold your cash safe, which is now open with users’ fingerprints, and voice commands.

In an enterprise environment, it is a challenging assignment to preserve sage command statistics in a safer place. There is one of the developments acknowledged is Blockchain Technology. It will preserve our information protected in chronological order.


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