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EDITED: Fashion Tech Startup that Helps Retailers and Brands Stay on Top of the Market




For tech retailers and brands, buying products at the right time and price is crucial to staying relevant on the market. EDITED has made a technology that helps retailers and brands navigate this.

EDITED is a retail tech company headquartered in London, with offices in Melbourne and New York. The company has real-time data analytics software intended for apparel retailers to monitor the apparel retail market. Its software is mainly used by apparel traders, buyers, and merchandisers.

Using the web crawlers, EDITED collects the commercial and product data generated by the online wear industry and allows users to analyse that data in order for them to gain competitive insights. The key characteristics of the software are its ability to show product metrics for clothing products on the market, including items’ sell out rates and pricing. In addition, EDITED software allows its users to evaluate industry-wide trend trajectories and competitor assortment. Data can help retailers to know which items to discount.

EDITED have stood out against other players in the market because it is leading in data, features, customers and capabilities. It gives its customers full market visibility everywhere in the world. The company doesn’t just provide raw data about the apparel retail industry. It process and contextualize every bit of its data, so that customers can quickly look at it and know what’s showing them.

EDITED boasts of world class teams of developers, data scientists and engineers pulled out of places like aeronautical industry and post-doctorate level academia. Other company’s staffs come from apparel retail industry, from places like Burberry, Net-a-Porter, Target and Macy’s. They have all come together to satisfy the needs of consumers in the apparel industry.

The company releases new product after every two weeks. Therefore, you can expect a lot of more features, data, and tools. Recently, the company released Product Finder, which enables users to make complicated queries just as simply as if they’re searching on Google.

Founded by Julia Fowler and Geoff Watts in 2009, EDITED works with companies in Australia, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, China and South America. The company is supported by Frog Capital and Index Ventures. To date, it has raised about $6 million.

In 2012, the firm features in The Guardian’s list of “20 Hottest Tech Start-ups in East London’. In 2015, the company was included on the Business Insider’s list of ‘Twenty Five Companies That Are Revolutionizing Retail’. Moreover, in 2014 the company was placed third in the Fast Company’s list of ‘The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Style’.

Why should you use EDITED software? It will provide you with a profitable opportunity that will ensure you are ahead. With correct global data, you’ll be able to expand into new markets self-assuredly and reliably monitor brand compliance.


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