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EDM star Veeno turns up the heat with his captivating soundtrack ‘FROM THE 03/20/2020 EP (THE BIFROST)’




International EDM Producer Veeno merges dashing instrumental tonality with enticing melodies in his newest single ‘FROM THE 03/20/2020 EP (THE BIFROST)’.

Texas City, Apr 27, 2020 (  – Masterfully blending the trap and hip hop musical forms in a perfect harmony, the genre of electronic dance music has emerged into the world with its ethereal presence. Talented EDM star Veeno has released his newest creation named FROM THE 03/20/2020 EP (THE BIFROST)’ which is opulent in high and fast electronic tempo that creates a mesmerizing symphony setting a pioneering direction in which the EDM musicality should progress. Though most EDM tracks portray barely any phrase or vocals, this song features a unique rhyming scheme projecting an ecstatic reverie that sets it apart from its contemporaries.

This mystical artist comes armed with various elemental anthems featuring lush instrumental tonality with distinctive timbers simulated via his mixing board to his fans. The steady pulse of his compositions emerging through the groovy melody sends a jolting thrill down the spine. Employing some unconventional instruments he manages to produce a techno-themed acoustic harmony displaying his artistic possibilities. Investing his genuine passion and energy into the craft, Veeno succeeds in molding his serene and carefree notions into his inimitable soundscape boldly expressing his creative self.

Based out of Miami, Florida, this talented music producer has widened his horizon by expanding his field of work from America to Europe. His rare electro tonality in his recent creation ‘FROM THE 03/20/2020 EP (THE BIFROST)’ produced through the masterful employment of enigmatic instrumental grandeur sends a piercing knock into the hearts of the EDM enthusiasts across the globe. The thoughtful implementation of eloquent and blissful libretto in the song paints a vivid imagery with picturesque narratives projecting his creative imaginations. This multi-Platinum music producer and electronic artist are currently working under the renowned production house called W.E. Inc creating a new vibe in the electronic and rap industry. Follow his musical journey on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook and be updated about his future projects.

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