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EEA Partners With Whiteblock to Offer New Testnet With Controlled Environment




Members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) can now test their blockchain applications within a new testnet, which does not require a full-scale roll-out.

In a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Jan. 15, EEA revealed its new partnership with blockchain testing and development firm Whiteblock, through which the EEA will leverage Whiteblock Genesis testing platform. The platform will allow users to manage and utilize the EEA TestNet, wherein EEA members will be able to collaborate around building and testing the next generation Ethereum (ETH) enterprise apps.

No need to launch a live environment

The product relieves businesses from the necessity of launching a live environment in order to experiment with apps before bringing them to market. The release further details that by using the TestNet — which also provides Metamask support and full data and analytics capabilities — community members will be able to define their own scenarios, introduce their own nodes, and deploy decentralized apps (DApps).

Along with the testing sandbox, the EEA will provide users with the EEA’s Certification Program, which is expected to be released this year. The program is designed to ensure that solutions conform and interoperate with EEA standards.

Zak Cole, Whiteblock CEO and EEA TestNet and Certification Working Group chair, explained that “the EEA TestNet will enable members to collaborate and understand how Ethereum systems perform at scale in a deterministic and controlled manner.”

Ethereum-based DApps statistics

According to DappReview’s 2019 insights on the DApp space, Ethereum hosts a diverse range of DApps. The past year was characterized by the rise of DeFi, as several lending and derivatives solutions based on Maker’s (MKR) DAI stablecoin appeared.

However, the report noted that the value locked in DeFi remains small even compared to other blockchain-based financial tools. Collateral put to staking is approximately five times larger, at $6 billion. Compared to the global debt market, estimated at $250 trillion, DeFi remains negligible.

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