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Empowering Medicine through Student Nonprofit: Medicine Community & Research

Priya S



(MCR’s Logo by Jason Jiang)

Many students dream of leading thousands and creating an impact in their community.

Among these are Quang La (Founder), Adhrith (Co-founder), and Heymin Han (Co-founder) who came together to create Medicine Community & Research, a 501c3 nonprofit organization fiscally sponsored by The Hack Foundation.

The mission of MCR revolves around 3 key things, a student community, a spread of medicine articles, and an organization that advocates for fundraising and charity for different medical issues around the world.

Medicine Community & Research believes that there is a big need for a long-lasting and genuine community for students who want to join the medical field. After discovering that many nonprofit communities have gone completely inactive after the founders got into a university, they were motivated to be different, and truly create an impact.

They started off by creating a discord community. In this community, not only the founders but students from top 20 universities as well as upperclassmen have spent countless hours tutoring and giving advice to other students. Within 4 months of creating this community, there was already a stable community of well over a thousand students: those interested in medicine and those who weren’t alike.

Another aspect that MCR believes is crucial for a well-built medical student community is connection. That is why MCR plans to feature many successful professionals to host guest speaking sessions and help students learn more about the field.

Through their opening, they have not only helped a huge community of students, but they have also written over 30 in-depth articles about different medical topics to promote information availability. Furthermore, they have fundraised over $1000 worth of assets and cash for student projects and medical grants. Over just a couple months after opening, they were also recognized for the 2024 Top-Rated Nonprofit award!

In the long term, these students hope to continue building on to their nonprofit forever and have invested in research peer-reviewers for their soon to be opened research database, guest speakers, medical-grant fundraising, MUN conferences, competitions, and more!

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