EventTech Company Brella simplifies event networking

The event industry is reaching a turning point in dividing organizers based on the quality of their events that is often determined by the success in event engagement. A key success driver in making your event succesful today is in different kinds of event software and the networking opportunities they provide as the key feature. Through these kinds of well functioning applications people are now able to connect with people valuable to them.

Proven by numerous surveys and reports, networking is one of the main motivators for people to attend the events. Attendees don’t hesitate to pay high amount of money for the ticket because only one valuable connection can bring them a very great return on investment. Sometimes in the form of a customer, sometimes partnership, sometimes investment and sometimes employment.

The question is – do we always meet the people that we would like to meet at the events? The answer is – No. Networking with the right people is never guaranteed at any event. The right people might be there, but whether you will meet them and engage in conversation is usually based on pure luck. Even though you do very careful research about the event you are going to, you never know who you may run into at the event venue. The situation gets even tougher for those who are introverted.

Brella was born exactly out of this frustration. Trying to read the badges, trying to talk to as many people as possible, however, not being able to make the valuable connections. Brella is the easiest solution for booking relevant face-to-face meetings at an event. It is a social networking tool that matches the event attendees based on their preferences, enables them to book private one-to-one meetings with one another. So when the attendee or sponsor arrive the event, they already know who they are going to meet, at what time and where. By using Brella, they save a lot of time, eventually meet the most meaningful connections and are satisfied for the entire event experience.

As a frequent attendee of conferences globally, I often find them not as productive as I hoped for. With Brella, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to book meetings with fellow attendees ahead of the event to assure the trip is worthwhile. Already from my first experience, I was connected to investors and had 2 follow up meetings.

– John Thomas – Father of the Tesla Model S-

The service is completely free for the event attendees. It is powered by Brella and provided by the event organizers. But how do event organizers benefit from Brella when they are the ones who pay?

Before the event

Event industry is a competitive one. By letting the potential attendees know that the event has guaranteed networking opportunity, the event organizers differentiate their events from the other events. This will make sure to attract high end industry professionals to the event. High end professionals attract many other attendees to the event. In addition to this, getting valuable crowd together at an event attracts more sponsorships. Therefore, Brella can be a true marketing weapon for the event organizers. Imagine a situation that hundreds of 1to1 meetings could be arranged even weeks before your event is taking place, that is what we call excitement.

During the event:

What makes Brella different than the other tools available in the market is its ease of use and focus on networking. Most of the 1-to-1 meetings are pre-booked so people can be well prepared for the meetings. So, it guarantees a highly engaging event environment. While it helps the event attendees save their time in networking, event organizer enjoys the increased attendee and sponsor satisfaction.

After the event:

After the event, Brella networking remains available for the event attendees for two more weeks. On the event organizer side, event organizer gets the advantage to measure the event success and collect valuable data about the attendees – how many 1to1 meetings took place at your event and insightful analytics what drives your attendees.

What advantage does the collected data bring? Let me highlight the fact that networking opportunity is one of the biggest motivation for people to attend events. Marketing the number of the meetings booked at your events, you can definitely make your next event much more attractive, both for potential attendees, speakers and sponsors. In addition, when you understand what drives your attendees, your sponsorship sales have a great strategic tool because the ROI is easier to calculate.

Brella have great success stories with organizations like Facebook, Grow.co, Microsoft, IBM, Nokia & Nordic Business Forum.

Find out more at: www.brella.io