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Exploring the route to easily self-publish your book

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NYC-based Award-winning publishing service, MANHATTAN BOOK GROUP PUBLISHERS, offers a refined, hybrid model for authors across the USA to attain the best you can get from Traditional & Self-Publishing.

Are you an author with a fantastic book, looking to get your work published but confused between hooking up with a traditional publishing firm or going to brave up and self-publish? Don’t worry; Manhattan Book Group Publishers, the #1 Independent Book Publisher in the States, has amalgamated the benefits of traditional & self-publishing, minus the snares, for you to get the “best of both worlds” and become a celebrated, best-selling author.

With self-publishing comes the challenges of marketing your own books. Due to the lack of association with recognized publishing houses, it gets challenging to “turn heads” and get your work acclaimed. Penetrating bookstores and securing a shelf for your book might also be difficult for a self-publisher. 

Moreover, due to the hefty upfront payments required for editing, designing, printing, and marketing your book, which is usually paid off by publishing firms, self-publishing becomes a real challenge. In addition to the absence of monetary support, you’ll have to do all the grunt work yourself if you are a self-publisher. 

All this said, self-publishing offers you complete creative control & autonomy, so you can choose how your book turns out. In return, you gain up to 100% royalty rates, which is astoundingly more than what you get in traditional publishing, plus the lead time to get your work out there in the market is very swift. 

The “Premier hybrid publisher,” Manhattan Book Group, provides you the benefits of Self-publishing along with the monetary and full-service support from traditional publishing to give you the best chance to become a best-selling, renowned author. With their Proprietary Author Program, J.J. Hebert, founder of Manhattan Book Group Publishers, guarantees being picked by significant media channels like NBC, CBC & Fox websites. 

One of the most renowned American novelists, Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter, Mariel Hemingway, herself an academy award winner, model, and writer, shared, “Manhattan Book Group is a reliable and viable option operated by a bestselling author with clear expertise in publishing. Highly recommended.”

Also, you cannot discard the importance of marketing your book. As soon as your book goes live, you need to start marketing it to push your book up the search rankings. It’s also a wonderful idea to follow up with any influencers you’ve contacted during this time and finalize your book promotion strategies. If you want to sweeten the deal, you could propose giving a free copy of your book to the audience member who wins. It will look great in your bio on social media or in print and keep getting uncovered by new readers. If you find all of this to be overwhelming, be sure to enlist the assistance of marketers with experience in book promotion, like Manhattan Book Group, which was named the best independent book publisher in New York City by Kev’s Best and the best publishing service in the city by Stellar Business Awards.

To become a celebrated author with high credibility and media engagement, like speaking gigs, book readings, and podcasts, visit this article on Book Publishing.

About J.J. Hebert

J.J. Hebert is an award-winning #1 Amazon, USA Today & Wall Street Journal best-selling author renowned for his extensive list of inspirational and fiction work, including books like Unconventional, Weepy the Dragon, My Daddy Might Be A Wizard, The Backwards K, Success Mindsets and many more.

President of MindStir Media LLC, a top-notch self-publishing and book publicity firm, J.J. Hebert is also a member of the Forbes Business Council and writes for Entrepreneur Magazine. Also known as the “Self-Publishing Guru,” J.J. Hebert has helped over 700 successful and many best-selling authors across the USA to self-publish their books. As a prominent blogger, J.J. Hebert has gathered over 100,000+ followers on Social Media and has been named the “Entrepreneur to Watch in 2021”. He has also been featured in top publications like Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

Get in contact with J.J. Hebert now to help you publish your book and become a best-selling author

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