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Extraordinary 3.8 Million USD “Ngiri Ntuufu” Collection History

Priya S



Ownership Transitions over Span of 600 years as follows

Early 15 Century handcrafted by the Baligan si’in people in honor of their founding fathers and fallen heroes

End of 16 Century was under the Baligashu village for half a century; obtained through severe bloody tribal war over a disputed piece of land diving the two villages.

Early the 17 Century, Returned to the Baligan si’in village through negotiations and interventions from sibling villages.

Mid 17 Century was under the Bafanji Village for a short period of less than 20 years; obtained through tribal war for procession of the Ngiri Ntuufu

Towards the end of 17 Century went back to Baligashu Village for less than a decade; obtained through tribal war for procession of the Ngiri Ntuufu

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End of the 17 Century was under the Bamunkumbit Village for almost 6 decades; obtained through and almost decade long tribal war with Bamunkumbit and Baligan si’in  against Baligashu Village  for procession of the Ngiri Ntuufu

18 Century went back to the Baligan si’in people under Fon Gwarrlav till date through mutual negotiations and intervention of foreign (German) colonial matters.

Note Bafanji, Baligan si’in,Baligashu, Balikumbat, Bamunkumbit are all siblings and descendants of “Mangeh” the ruler of the ancient Mangeh village.

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