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Fashion Student Designs Collection of Bespoke 3D Printed Lingerie




To look smart, people are always looking for clothes that fit them. Your body looks god when clothed with clothes that fit it well. A well fitted dress or a tailored suit that matches your body will not only make you look elegant but feel comfortable. That is what individuals are looking for as they buy different kinds of clothes. Unfortunately, to get lingerie and undergarments that are comfortable and fit well is always a challenge. Luckily, Jess Haughton, a student from Nottingham University in the UK who learns about fashion, has designed 3D printed underclothes that can assure a perfect fit and a t stylish look.

The 23- year -old student, who lives in Ruislip, West London has designed this line of creative lingerie as part of a school course-work. The 3D printed lingerie collection that consist of halter bra with flowery pattern, silicon bodysuit, a leather yoke and a mesh now displayed at  the Nottingham Trent University 2016 Art & Design Degree Exhibition, running till June 11th.

Basically, Haughton uses improved manufacturing technologies and elastic silicone material to make these exclusive pieces rather than outdated methods. Silicone is a strong material compared to elastics. This material has given Haughton freedom of designing. The designs turn out to be smooth and well fitted pieces.

Haughton said that lingerie can be very comfortable and amazing when made with stretch silicone. It is flexible and strong when cured and sticks very well; making one to feel wonderful with it. This 3D printed can create more elaborate detailing than traditional methods. Haughton has likened her creative means of printing silicone patterns onto the pure mesh to a brand new and a more modern method of making lace.

Although Haughton’s current lingerie designs were made as part of school coursework, there is no doubt that the market is ready for custom designs. Soon there will be a high demand for custom fitted lingerie.  It is easy to have your bespoke lingerie fitted to your exact measurements because 3D printed fashion items are made when ordered. By simply feeding the computer with correct measurements, you can order pieces made specifically for you. The lingerie could not only be customized in size but also detailing and style.

According to Emma Prince, a senior lecturer in fashion at the School of Art & Design, Haughton has put a mark on the innovative fashion field.  The lecture added that her knowledge in developing new range of products can expand and bring great impact in the fashion market. Her work is a great demonstration of how modern technology can change how clothes are made, leading to enhancements in the garments ‘performance, their market appeal and how they fit.



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