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Finding solutions in the music industry with AI technology

Adriaan Brits



In the bustling corridors of music studios and the quiet spaces where artists dream, there is a common yearning for a solution – a bridge that brings together creators and their art. Today, this bridge is no longer a distant dream.

The music industry, a vast sea of talent and sound, has always been a space of innovation and transformation. As art meets technology, the waves of change keep coming. One particular challenge that has remained persistent is the connection between music content and its creators. And here, as the sounds of discontent grow louder, the industry finds itself at a pivotal crossroad.

The music industry faces a critical challenge in the lack of a sustainable and scalable interface connecting music content with creators. Additionally, music licensing and the music publishing industry has been put on the back burner, to the detriment of artists and creators.

Today, there is a solution.

Revolutionizing the Rhythms: A Solution at Hand

Incantio, a revolutionary, music-first platform that seeks to crack open the shadowy and dense world of sync licensing. They seek to bring real opportunities to everyone invested in the business of making music. Whether you make music yourself, or use it to support your work, Incantio is working with AI technology to expand and redefine the discovery of music for commercial creative.

Navigating the music industry’s intricacies, many have tried to reform and reshape the age-old models. However, what Incantio brings to the table is unparalleled. Their mission? To be the torchbearers of change in an industry that desperately needs it.

“There is both an expanding universe of new independent music and an exploding need for music in podcasts, films, streaming tv, and other media. There is not a sustainable, scalable interface to connect the music content with the content creators. The music licensing industry, and the music publishing industry have been a neglected step-child of a business model for years, with outdated modes of collecting royalties and complicated contracts for ownership rights. Incantio is building a click-through templated licensing system that can be managed by the artists themselves,” explains Danny Newcomb, CEO of Incantio.

AI: The Game-Changer in Music

As the digital age accelerates, AI’s power and potential cannot be ignored. It’s not just about automation or efficiency but about revolutionizing industries. Incantio, with its forward-thinking approach, is leveraging this very potential to democratize music.

By leveraging AI technology, Incantio is working to open up the doors that were previously shut to all creators and musicians by giving them a seat at the table, and the opportunity using AI technology for their music to be shown to the people who would resonate with it most. 

Behind every revolutionary idea is a visionary – someone who sees the unseen and dreams the undreamt. Danny Newcomb is one such visionary, and under his leadership, Incantio promises to redefine music’s very fabric.

“With gatekeepers at all labels, catalogs, and platforms, Artists are not in control of their own careers. By giving impartial recommendations through AI based on music searches, we let the searches curate themselves through our AI. By acknowledging and rewarding artists who are successful on Incantio, we can provide a different path to success than streaming metrics. Artists, through technology, are poised at the brink of being able to fully own their own site for licensing their music, and potentially streaming their own music. Since the music industry has always been based on controlling either the product or the means for distribution, they may now be outpaced in a world of digital distribution and impartial AI recommendations,” Newcomb states.

The Symphony of Change Continues

As Incantio charts its path, it embodies the spirit of change and innovation. In a world where music is the universal language, platforms like Incantio ensure that every note, every chord, and every artist is heard, appreciated, and celebrated. The future of music, it seems, is bright and melodious.

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