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Freebird Introduces Innovative Customer Spend Model, Transforming Venue Marketing

Priya S



FEBRUARY 2024 – Freebird, the pioneering platform transforming the landscape of customer acquisition for venues, announces a groundbreaking approach to advertising. With Freebird, businesses such as restaurants and bars can now attract new customers with unparalleled precision, paying only for ads that result in verified customer spend.

Unlike traditional advertising methods, Freebird presents promotions exclusively to highly relevant and proximate customers, ensuring a targeted approach that maximizes ROI. Venues pay solely for customers who physically visit to redeem offers, mitigating risks and making it a straightforward, risk-free investment.

“At Freebird, we believe in reshaping the marketing landscape by delivering tangible results to businesses while enhancing the consumer experience,” Said the CEO of Freebird. “Our platform harnesses the power of data to connect venues with their ideal customers, driving foot traffic and increasing revenue in a measurable and sustainable way.”

Central to Freebird’s success is its unparalleled access to user data. By seamlessly integrating with transportation and payment systems, Freebird constructs detailed user profiles that reveal travel and purchasing patterns, as well as interests, hobbies, and lifestyle preferences. This rich dataset allows for the creation of targeted and highly effective offers through Freebird’s proprietary data platform, Branded Rides.

Brands leveraging Freebird’s Branded Rides feature can own ride categories and sponsor the ride experience, facilitating customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. During the recent Beta Launch, Guinness partnered with Freebird to sponsor over 5,000 Freebird Safe Rides Home, resulting in significant brand reach and enhancement, with over 225,000 views and interactions.

“Freebird’s innovative approach to marketing aligns perfectly with Guinness’s commitment to responsible consumption,” said the CEO. “By providing instant rideshare credit to users who book through Freebird, we not only ensure the safety of our customers but also elevate our brand presence in a meaningful way.”

The Freebird app is free to use, offering a seamless experience for users. By simply connecting their Uber or Lyft accounts, users can enjoy a smooth ride experience to their destination while earning rewards along the way.

For more information about Freebird and its transformative marketing solutions, visit


Freebird is a revolutionary platform that connects venues with highly relevant customers, ensuring businesses only pay for ads that result in verified customer spend. By harnessing the power of data and integrating with transportation and payment systems, Freebird delivers targeted and effective marketing solutions that drive foot traffic and increase revenue.

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