Gagauzia Exploring Higher Technologies and partnerships to create inward investment and Economic Growth within the region.

Solar Panels at Solar Power Plant

Developing countries and local regions often compete for investment that involves lower levels of technology and value add that investors would locate in their home countries or in local regions.

Since 2017 several meetings have been held with UK Based company alongside Research and Development Memorandum of Understanding being signed in September 2017, Lee Gibson Grant of DTMT, UK in December proposed a potential use case project of Development for Ceadir-Lunga Airport to develop using shipping containers apartment hotels and Business centre alongside a new terminal in order to use the terminal for Aerial tourism otherwise known as Adventure tourism.

Extreme Sports is a growing and enhancing tourism globally (Extreme Tourism) with 100’s events a year consisting of 5 day competitions with upto 25 category sports.

Blockchain Technology paves the way for new innovative way to engage with tourism, sports and Economic growth via alternative methods of Investment, Transparency and Immutability.

By targeting Extreme tourism this enables small businesses and artisans to benefit from the influx of tourists to the area opening up new opportunities for local residence.

In 2017 over 3 Billion USD (60 Billion MDL) into blockchain technology projects and already in the first 3 months of 2018 this has been surpassed by 6.8 Billion USD (136 Billion MDL) so far this year and growing.

In early January the first potential investors visited Gagauzia, Leo Chris Lu, Co-Founder of ZOZO Coin INC, California, USA and met with Vadim Ceban and Irina Vlah from the Gagauzia Administration, upon this visit it was established that Ceadir-Lunga and Gagauzia as a whole has much more to offer than initially projected for numerous other activities using blockchain technology and investment opportunities for Local economic growth.

The larger debate that surfaced during this visit was how to integrate the local residents and businesses into the initiative as simply bringing investment for infrastructure and services does not satisfy the needs to local economic development or benefit all residents in the long term challenges for the proposal to be successful or the fact that lots of young people are leaving in order find better opportunities.

3 major key areas and challenges the proposal has to resolve to become successful:

  • Local residents and business integrating and being part of the proposal
  • Providing access to higher education and Work skills to cater to the project
  • Strong team leadership of experts in order to attract investment from the global marketplace

Proposed solution to resolve the challenges:

Project proposal codename EGagauzia Co-oP would be created under the legal structure of Co-oPerative (top 300 Co-oP in the world account for 2.4 Trillion USD which would make them the 7th largest economy in the world)   

In order to provide trust and asset security to investors the Gagauzia Administration would provide the real estate territory to the Co-oP and the administration would become a Minor stake holder of the Co-oPerative. (Co-oP Shares would be digitized using blockchain technology for transparency and immutability)

When implementing higher technologies the need to educate and provide new skill sets and workshops to cater for other areas of job creation which are imperative and falls into the guidelines of the integration of local residents and businesses into the proposed project.

The proposed strategy for this to happen is for the Local residents to automatically become stakeholders which means some Co-oP shares would be automatically distributed to local residents so that the project is not only being developed around them but they now have a vested interested in participating which solves the need of human resources from which residents will not need to leave to find better opportunities.

Due to proposed project being across several different locations around Ceadir-Lunga and the need to connect all locations together this provides an alternative benefit to the town centre such as smart city application in turn provides the municipality state of the art technologies such as LED Street lighting with the poles being self energy efficient, CCTV cameras and wireless mesh networks enabling Industry X.0 services for tourists and residents to benefit from.

The overall phases of the project over time of development and growth have the potential attract over 100 million USD (2 Billion MDL) why is this realistic? Due to the whole concept proposal being based on Real estate asset backing (Digital Assets) as the project grows so does the multi pool of various assets that support the value of the project and economic growth, Egagauzia proposal would launch the local region into the next level of the digital age and not only be the first project in Moldova but the first of its kind in the global marketplace hence making a new global benchmark and standard to be replicated across Moldova and the Globe.

Interested parties who would like to find out more information can pre-register using the following online form

Various imports for project development would be required, therefore a novel approach is to approach overseas companies that would partner with the project and setup manufacturing lines within the Free Economic Zone of Ceadir-Lunga so that this reduces the cost for the local development, Creates local jobs and provides benefits to set overseas companies of the benefits of FEZ and a new global distribution points into CIS and EU.

On the 11th of MAY, the 1st Academic Blockchain event in Moldova! Is being hosted at Academia de Studii Economice a Moldovei (ASEM) Vadim Ceban will be presenting the Vision of Egagauzia Project not only locally but Live streamed to a global audience, several interested international technology partners and investors have confirmed their attendance and ready to meet Vadim Ceban to explore potential partnerships and investment opportunities.

The first international blockchain summit is supported by the Gagauzia Administration and Invest Gagauzia.   

Participation in the Summit is free, it is necessary to register:

Do not have an opportunity to attend but want to learn more?

Online livestreaming is the way out!

Register and watch!

The event is organized by the International Decentralized Association for the Crypto-Currency and IDACB Bloc, in conjunction with the Digital/Distributed Technology Moldova Association and the Academy of Economic studies of Moldova.

IDACB is the leading non-profit organization in the world whose goal is to legalize the technology of blocking and crypto currency at the international level.

The Association’s influence has been ensured by the participation of already 50 states, by the end of the year it is planned to include 50 more countries.

Members of the Association are advisers of the first states of the states, recognised experts in the market of block-technologies, national and professional Associations of the participating countries and representatives of the professional community. Russia, in particular, is represented by is represented by Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on Internet Development Herman Klimenko and IDCAB Board of Trustee and  Co-Founder of Digital/Distributed Technology Moldova Association, Lee Gibson Grant.

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