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Gaming Taken a Notch Higher by This Water-Cooled Gaming Laptop




As it stands now gaming laptop designers are working aggressively to make laptops as thin as possible. Mainstream laptop designers have pressed on with their efforts without even noticing that it will impact battery performance and life negatively.

Mobile CPUs have gone through a lot of modifications. These improvements have made ultra-thin laptops quite faster than they once were before. In light of that and with regard to gaming, Asus has unveiled a massive gaming laptop known as the GX800. This gigantic gaming laptop has remarkable hardware with a huge liquid-cooling docking station.

It is indeed a humongous laptop even and its display is about 18.4-inches diagonally. In addition it has a support system for Nvidia G-Sync and approximately 4K resolution. The GX800 has a pair of Nvidia GPUs configured in SLI which functions as power for display. Apart from that, the current version of the GX800 has another noticeable feature, a dual GTX 980 GPUs. The previous year’s GTX700 had a GTX 980. It is likely that the next version of this new laptop will come with a GTX 1000-GPU. Alternatively, it means that the “unannounced” bit is likely that there are two GPUs in SLI.

Another thrilling bit of these developments is that the GX800 will come with a memory clocked at 3.8GHz and the new Intel Core-i7 chip clocked at 4.4GHz. Once the GPUs are integrated it will enable you to play exciting games at extremely high resolution. In addition, the display refresh rate for the G-Sync will once again be synchronized to the GPU to cut down lag and tearing. For a maximum performance this gaming laptop requires two 330W for power in order to keep this hardware running. It is even surprisingly to note that even its performance improves when plugged into that giant water cooling dock.

It is advisable not to overclock laptops quite much, but contrary the GX800 is made for that very thing. As soon as you plug the gaming laptop into the water cooling dock, it is able to overclock the GPUs up to 236%. And the docked GX800 can press the CPU to its limit without overheating. But for the GX700, the cooling liquid from the dock will not go round the whole laptop when you plug it in. When the dock isn’t attached it will tamper with cooling system.

The use of the GX800 has allowed Asus to improve the gaming laptop by coming up with a custom mechanical keyboard. These keyboard keys will make gamers quite happy because the previous laptops had low-travel keys. These keys use switches Asus which are designed as in-house called Mechanical Tactile Advanced Gaming. These keys are actually raised from the surface of the laptop, meaning they have a better amount of travel. This GX800 in addition possess a full RGB backlighting in the keyboard.

The GX800 is anticipated to be unveiled in August, however market the price is not known. So prepare yourself for shock, though. However, GX700 retailed for about $3,000 when it was released.

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