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Get Ready for the First Round Mining Bonus, DCFS Public Chain DEFI Mining Starts!

Adriaan Brits



First-round mining bonus means, at the beginning there is fewer miner participating, so it is possible to get a higher yield in the short term. With time passing by, more and more people join the mining pool which will slowly reduce the income for the individual miners. For example, when BTC mining just started, it can mine dozens of BTC, but now, even with professional devices, it can only mine 0.0005 BTC per day. It means that with the same mining time, the same input, but the output will be many times less, so investors in the field of cryptocurrency have been looking for a good project, to seize the first-round mining bonus.

According to relevant data, the value of assets stored in DeFi has risen from $19 billion in January 2021 to $250 billion by the end of the year. And institutional investors are increasingly aware that they cannot ignore the potential returns DeFi can offer.

DCFS is a powerful project in the field of distributed cloud computing. It is a public chain of computing power infrastructure developed by the DCFS Foundation. It aims to achieve the sharing of global computing resources to improve the utilization of global idle computing power. DCC is the only incentive layer that ensures the safe operation of DCFS. With more and more applications emerging on the DCFS chain, the value of DCC will be unlimited.

On January 25, 2022, at 8: 00 (UTC), DCFS officially launched DEFI mining products, starting the first round of the mining process. It is reported that DCFS aims at the huge market of DEFI and is committed to opening up the chain of the financial industry. The first phase of the DCFS public chain will be based on DEFI, the establishment of a complete chain of lending, aggregator to deal matchmaker, the user will enjoy a full set of financial services on DCFS. And the income generated by the business will be returned to all token holders.

01 DCFS Economic Model

DCC, as the only Token of DCFS, issued a constant total of 500 million. Wherein, 1% to the DCFS Operations Management Team, 1% to Airdrop Reward, 2% to Community Incentives, 12% to DEFI Fund Pool, 20% to Ecological Construction, 5% to DCFS Foundation, 5% to DCFS Joint Lab, 54% to hash power mining reward.

02 DEFI (Liquidity mining)

According to the DCFS economic model, the total amount of DEFI (Liquidity Mining) is 60 million tokens, and will never be issued again, distribution rules are as follows:

3.84 million (6.4%) were issued in the first month and 2.88 million (4.8%) in the second month. In the third month, 2.88 million (4.8%) were issued, followed by 4% of the total circulation on a monthly basis until the total of 60 million was released.

03 DEFI Products

The total amount of DEFI (Liquidity Mining) is applied to the yield of two types of pool: LP pool (pledged LP output) and single coin pool (pledge DCC output).

04 DCFS Compared with Other Projects

Compared with other projects, DCFS has great advantages in product functions, especially in liquidity mining and mining incentive mechanisms. Pledge is mining, with a multi-stage and long mining cycle. DCFS is based on the public chain to develop offline computing power scheduling applications and on-chain ecological applications, with a full range of ecological system support.

The first round DEFI mining of DCFS public chain has been activated, if you want to seize the first mine dividend, access to higher output of DCC, you should act right now! The official will also hold community airdrop activities from time to time to reward DCC airdrop. If you are interested in learning more, please pay attention to the official DCFS community.

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