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GetBusy raises $3.9m; seeks to increase your productivity and kill email

GetBusy is a new tool getting attention that’s promising to increase your productivity, and make it easier to communicate with your team and customers.




GetBusy (LSE:GETB) just listed on the London Stock Exchange with a big capital raise, and a big promise.

It’s been working on a new tool it is claims will be better way for busy professionals and business operators to work and communicate.

Founder and CEO Daniel Rabie: “Tools like Slack never lived up to their promise to kill external email. File organisation is still a nightmare, threads are difficult to navigate, and everyone has to integrate with dozens of tools to operate their day-to-day lives.”

GetBusy’s new tool will intuitively organise your data, automate filing and workflow, minimise administration, remove the need for email, improve security, provide visibility over performance and productivity, and manage customer communication.

It will come with a lot of built-in features professionals need to succeed: Customer Communication, Quotes, Invoices, Online Signatures, Event Scheduling, Tasks, Online Document Management, Automation, and Performance Reporting. And with an A.I. Machine Learning component.

“It’s a big task to disrupt this space, but we have the experience, a talented team, and we’re thinking bigger than everybody. I’m excited to see how we can improve our customers lives.”

GetBusy’s Pre-Beta signup is now open. To win swag and prizes (T-Shirts, Stickers, Hoodies, Free Software, Skateboards) visitors can sign up here:

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