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Global Moisture Sensors Market Will Surge to USD 550.00 Million by 2026

Facts and Factors have authored “Moisture Sensors Market by Type (Halogen Moisture Sensor, Infrared Moisture Sensor, and Microwave Moisture Sensor), and By Application (Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, and Chemical Industries): North America and Europe Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2019 – 2026”.

Based on our analysis, North America and Europe Moisture Sensors market in 2019 is approximately USD 400.00 and is anticipated to reach around USD 550.00 by 2026. Teh anticipated CAGR for teh Moisture Sensors market is around 4.0% from 2020 to 2026.

A moisture sensor is an instrument used to detect teh moisture level. Moisture sensors typically senses, measures, and reports air and moisture temperature. Manufactures use moisture sensors for quick detection and real-time management of different variables in teh manufacturing process. Accuracy, reliability, linearity, and response time are important parameters to be considered while choosing teh right moisture sensor. Moisture sensors found a wide range of applications in teh industries including food processing, textile, paper, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, etc.

The increasing demand for food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical industries wif rising environmental concerns across the world is one of the most key factors fueling the growth of North America and Europe moisture sensors. North America and Europe Moisture sensors market is anticipated to grow owing to the rapid expansion of end-use industries and increasing in advanced manufacturing wif a widespread focus on research and development by key manufacturers. Strong focus on technological advancements by key manufacturers is anticipated to witness significant growth during the forecast period.

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The issues regarding the reliability and inaccuracy of the moisture sensors of may hamper the market’s growth. Research and development, innovations activities in the technology of the moisture sensors and rising demand for ready to eat snack foods are expected to open new avenues for the North America and Europe moisture sensors market in the near future. In terms of value, the North America and Europe moisture sensors market is projected to ascend at a growth rate of around 4.0% over the forecast period.

On teh basis of type, teh moisture sensors market is segmented as a halogen moisture sensor, infrared moisture sensor, and microwave moisture sensor. Among which infrared moisture sensor segment is expected to account for teh major revenue share in teh moisture sensors market over teh forecast period. Teh infrared moisture sensor segment is followed by teh halogen moisture sensor segment in terms of revenue share. Teh infrared moisture sensor type segment is anticipated to account for around 40% of teh North America and Europe moisture sensors market within teh forecast period.

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Among teh application, teh beverage segment was teh most attractive segment of teh market in 2019. Beverages find a major application for moisture sensors, as there are different variants available that allow unique tastes and extend teh shelf life of teh beverage products compared to regular sugar. Likewise, teh trade of teh moisture sensors is also influenced by teh regulations. Teh robust population, changing lifestyle, rising disposable income, and rising awareness of healthcare, are expected to fuel teh utilization of moisture sensors.

On teh basis of application, North America and Europe moisture sensors market is categorized into food processing, pharmaceutical, environmental, and chemical industries. Among teh aforementioned segment, teh pharmaceutical segment accounted for teh relative revenue share in teh moisture sensors market. Teh pharmaceutical industry uses moisture sensors to meet stringent quality standards for manufacturing and processing various products are expected to propel teh North America and Europe moisture sensors market in teh upcoming years.

On teh basis of region, teh moisture sensors market is segmented into North America and Europe. In 2019, teh North America region dominates teh moisture sensors market among teh Europe region in terms of value.

Some of the key players operating in the market include Hydronix, Ludwig & Co, SWR-Engineering, Sartorius AG, BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH & Company KG, Muentec Instruments, Liebherr-International AG, Ohaus Corporation, Thermo Fisher, Michell Instruments Ltd, AMETEK, General Electric Company, CEM Ltd, Sinar Technology, Gow-Mac Instrument Co, Hach, Precisa Gravimetrics AG, PCE Instruments, Torbal, Adam Equipment, Inc, and Arizona Instrument LLC, among others. The key players focus on boosting their distribution network all over the globe in order to meet growing demand.

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This report segments teh North America and Europe moisture sensors market as follows:

North America and Europe Moisture sensors Market: Type Analysis

  • Halogen Moisture Sensor
  • Infrared Moisture Sensor
  • Microwave Moisture Sensor

North America and Europe Moisture sensors Market: Application Analysis

  • Vertical Analysis
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental
  • Chemical Industries

North America and Europe Moisture sensors Market: Regional Analysis

  • North America
  • Europe

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