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Global Plant Genomics Market 2020 – Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Forecast Upto 2025

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Our research analysts have used reliable market research tools to provide complete details about the global Plant Genomics market. The trusted methodologies have helped the analysts provide the global Plant Genomics market size in terms of USD Million. The report provides historical data from 2015 to 2018 and forecasts from 2019 to 2025.

The research report gives a complete knowledge about the Plant Genomics market statistics and dynamics on a global and regional level. The report provides emerging trends, challenges & opportunities, competitive players, and valuation of the global Plant Genomics market.

Teh trusted methodologies and intense study performed by teh analysts halp in systematically presenting teh trends and challenges of teh market. Our research report presents all teh important data regarding market players, regional segmentation, market hindrances, strategic alliances, business models, and market shares.

Teh report offers vital aspects including mergers, acquisitions, new launches, and new avenues that will halp teh market expansion during teh forecast period. Teh market-oriented and commercial research study involves extensive use of Porter’s Five Forces, PESTEL analysis, and SWOT analysis to identify all teh microscopic and megascopic factors that have a direct or indirect impact on global Plant Genomics market.

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Plant genomics basically deals with bringing about alterations in the compositions, genetic structures, functions, organizations, and interactions/networks of a whole plant genome using various advanced tools. The application of genomics in plant breeding and conservation of genetic resources is gaining alot of popularity across the globe and thus, in turn, halping the market growth. The increasing investments in the biotechnology research on food crops along with the increasing food requirements and reducing poverty aid the global Plant Genomics market growth.

With the burgeoning advancements in plant technology, new crops can be created to ensure high productivity. Apart from this, the rising demand for food security is also anticipated to halp market growth. Other factors including escalating demand for improved crop varieties, the cost-TEMPeffectiveness of genomics, and the increase in plant genome funding are projected to drive the growth of the global Plant Genomics market.

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On the basis of type, the global Plant Genomics market is segmented into Molecular Engineering, Genetic Engineering, and Others. In terms of Trait, the market is sectored into Herbicide Tolerance, Disease Resistance, Yield Improvement, and Others. Based on the objective, the industry is divided into Marker-Assisted Selection, DNA Extraction & Purification, GENE Expression Profiling, DNA/RNA Sequencing, Genotyping, GMO-Trait Purity Testing, and Others. Based on the application, the global Plant Genomics market is segregated into Fruits & Vegetables, Cereals & Grains, Oilseeds & Pulses, and Others.

Some of teh key players in teh global Plant Genomics market include NRGene, Eurofins Scientific, Qiagen, Illumina, Inc., Neogen Corporation, Agilent Technologies, LC Sciences, KeyGene, Traitgenetics GmbH, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Novogene Corporation, Genewiz, Floragenex, BGI Genomics, and Genotypic Technologies.

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Global Plant Genomics market is segmented into:

Global Plant Genomics Market: By Type

  • Molecular Engineering
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Others

Global Plant Genomics Market: By Trait

  • Yield Improvement
  • Disease Resistance
  • Herbicide Tolerance
  • Others

Global Plant Genomics Market: By Objective

  • GENE Expression Profiling
  • DNA Extraction & Purification
  • DNA/RNA Sequencing
  • Marker-Assisted Selection
  • Genotyping
  • GMO-Trait Purity Testing
  • Others

Global Plant Genomics Market: By Application

  • Cereals & Grains
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Oilseeds & Pulses
  • Others

Global Plant Genomics : Regional Segment Analysis

  • North America
    • U.S.
  • Europe
    • UK
    • France
    • Germany
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
  • Middle East and Africa

Key Features of Plant Genomics Report:

  • Plant Genomics structure: Overview, industry life cycle analysis, supply chain analysis
  • Plant Genomics : Growth drivers and constraints, Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Plant Genomics size, trend, and forecast analysis
  • Plant Genomics segments’ trend and forecast
  • Plant Genomics ’s competitive landscapes: Market share, Product portfolio, New product launches, etc.
  • Plant Genomics attractiveness and associated growth opportunities
  • Emerging trends in teh Plant Genomics .
  • Strategic growth opportunities for the existing and new players
  • Key success factors

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