What Happens When Technology Marry Fashion

Although technology and fashion are thought as entirely different fields, both have always converged— usually to the improvement of both industries.

With advancement of technology, computing generations are becoming more personal. Wearable technology is the most common result of intersection between fashion and technology.

Nowadays, many devices are riddled with Bluetooth earpieces and cellphone belt clips, just to name a few. Technology is becoming so attached to you that you cannot ignore it.

As technology intersects fashion, life will generally improve. For instance, OMsignal is futuristic thread that is woven into clothes and has the capability of tracking your breathing rate, heartbeat; calories burned and count your steps.  This innovation will definitely enhance life.

From technology and Fashion marriage, we also have Project Jacquard. This innovation changes everyday furniture and garments into interactive surfaces. Project Jacquard facilitate weaving of gesture and touch interactivity into a textile. Structure of Jacquard yarn combines metallic alloys with synthetic yarn like cotton, silk, or polyester. The users of Project Jacquard are seamlessly connected to the world of digital.

When it comes to jewelry, technology has not been left behind.  By collaborating with fashion designers, technology companies are appealing to wider audience. For instance, take Fitbit’s collaboration with Tory Burch. Burch’s metallic bracelets and chic leather designs have changed an activity tracker into a fashionable accessory suitable for life outside the gymnasium.

As is if that is not enough, interaction between tech and fashion has brought us Ringly, classic rings that are connected to your phone through Bluetooth. These rings will immediately notify you once you receive a call or text. The side light and discrete vibration won’t disturb you especially when you get into a place where phone call or message sounds is a nuisance. In addition, the rings will keep you from checking your phone now and then to check who have called.

Without convergence of technology and fashion, we could not be boasting of Chronos, a small metallic disc which transforms timepiece into smartwatch.  Its length is 33mm and its width is 1.5 mm. While at the back of your watch, it will bring many features of smartwatch. If you are looking for the experience of smartwatch without any gaudy looks, then Chronos will definitely suit you.

Have you heard of 3D printing? This is the process that uses digital files to create there-dimensional objects. The possibility of printing certain amount at home or just a few blocks in a distance eliminates mass production and carriage from the equation, therefore, making it a more environmentally-friendly kind of manufacturing.

Nervous System, Massachusetts garment and jewelry design studio, is presently pioneering what they are calling ‘4D printing’, with some designs that are automatically changing shape after they are removed from the printer.  This technology is so amazing that one is left wondering what this innovation will bring to fashion industries.

Believe it or not fashion shows are common activities nowadays. People like to get out and show new designs. Smart mirrors have come to make fashion shows more entertaining. Memois is type of mirror that will allow you to change colors of your garments.


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