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Harivardan Jayaraman: Orchestrating a Transformation in Facebook Notifications and Propelling Meta’s Growth

Vasid Qureshi




Meta, a pioneering force in social media and fostering connections, has harnessed technology to empower individuals, build communities, and bolster businesses. With an impressive monthly user base exceeding 3 billion and a remarkable revenue of $116.6 billion in 2022, Meta continues to redefine the industry. Spearheading this transformative journey is Harivardan Jayaraman, the Head of Product for Facebook Notifications. Through his adeptness in machine learning, design, and strategic acumen, Harivardan has been instrumental in the resounding success of Facebook Notifications and the overall growth of Meta.

The Evolution of Facebook Notifications 

Facebook Notifications stands as a cornerstone of the Facebook app, sharing the spotlight with only one other permanent feature—the Feed. This integral product holds sway over the 2 billion daily users and 3 billion monthly users on Facebook, making it an instrumental conduit for global impact. In response to Facebook’s ambitious vision to increase value for users, Harivardan charted a new course, leveraging his expertise in machine learning and design. This visionary approach bore fruit as Facebook surged to an unprecedented milestone of 2 billion daily active users by Q4 2022, with Facebook Notifications serving an important role in this growth.

Driving Company-wide Success 

Facebook Notifications assumes a critical role in Meta’s operations, influencing the experiences of all 3 billion monthly users. It represents a multifaceted challenge, demanding expertise in machine learning, design innovation, and growth strategy execution. Finding an individual capable of excelling in all three domains is a daunting task, but Meta struck gold with Harivardan Harivardan. As the torchbearer, Harivardan mobilized multiple teams in a cross-company effort, focusing on four pivotal areas: optimizing the product for less active users, fostering increased interactions between friends, amplifying revenue generation, and refining the quality of notifications. 

Harivardan’s foray into machine learning profoundly elevated the quality of notifications, allowing for a precise understanding of user preferences and tailor-made content delivery. As a result, users found themselves increasingly enamored with the content, resulting in higher frequency and duration of visits to Facebook. Breaking new ground, Harivardan integrated product features with the Facebook Feed, enabling the prediction and dissemination of notifications of utmost relevance.

Unparalleled Growth and Achievements 

Harivardan’s visionary leadership propelled the Facebook Notifications team to unprecedented heights. Witnessing a doubling in size between 2021 and 2023, the team’s expansion stands as a testament to their remarkable work and the unwavering trust placed in Harivardan by Meta’s leadership. Notably, Harivardan’s collaboration with Apple during the launch of iOS 16 yielded captivating widgets for iOS, generating an overwhelming wave of positive press coverage. The alliance with Apple not only enhanced Facebook’s reputation but also strengthened ties between the two tech titans.

Harivardan Jayaraman’s appointment to the pivotal role of leading Facebook Notifications was a testament to his unparalleled background, exceptional leadership, and specialized skill set. Consistently surpassing expectations, he remains firmly ensconced within Meta’s top 1% of product managers, garnering recognition as an indispensable talent to the organization. As the industry wholeheartedly embraces the advancements of Artificial Intelligence, Harivardan’s 15+ years of expertise in the field position him as a key catalyst in guiding Facebook through this epoch of innovation. 

Harivardan’s impact extends far beyond the realm of Facebook Notifications. His strategic vision and ability to identify areas of improvement led to a significant increase in user engagement across the entire Facebook platform. By harnessing the power of machine learning, Harivardan revolutionized the way notifications were delivered, ensuring that users received only the most valuable and relevant content. Through his leadership, the volume of Facebook Notifications was reduced significantly, while simultaneously driving an increase in daily usage.

In addition to his accomplishments within Meta, Harivardan has also established himself as a prominent public speaker and mentor in the tech industry. As an instructor and contributor at Product School, he has shared his expertise on topics such as product strategy and partnering with other teams. His contributions to industry publications, such as Medium, have provided valuable insights into career growth and scaling oneself.

Harivardan’s dedication to supporting and empowering others is evident in his role as an expert mentor at Criya, where he offers guidance to fellow product managers, including those affected by layoffs. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and experiences, contributing to the growth and development of the product management community.

Looking ahead, the future of Meta under the leadership of Harivardan appears bright. With his exceptional track record, deep expertise in machine learning, design, and growth strategies, Harivardan continues to drive innovation and shape the trajectory of the company. As Meta strives to connect people, build communities, and enable businesses to thrive, Harivardan’s influence will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of social media and mobile applications.


Harivardan’s exceptional leadership, technical expertise, and strategic vision have been instrumental in the success and growth of Facebook Notifications and Meta. By harnessing the power of machine learning, he has transformed the delivery of notifications, driving increased user engagement and positioning Facebook as a leader in the industry. Through his role as a public speaker, mentor, and industry expert, Harivardan continues to make a lasting impact on the tech community. As Meta looks towards the future, it is clear that Harivardan’s contributions will continue to shape the company’s trajectory, driving innovation and fostering meaningful connections for billions of users worldwide.

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