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Health Insurance & Protection 2019/20 Report: Movers, Shakers & Opportunity Creators




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What does the next year – and now we are into 2020, the next decade – hold in store for the health insurance and protection industry?

At a pivotal moment in the country’s history, what role will the sector have to play?

What opportunities and threats face intermediaries, insurers and the market as a whole in the future?

What products, trends and potential pitfalls might lie ahead?

The Health Insurance & Protection 2019/2020 Industry Report – available as a free download here (no registration required) – gives some clues and pointers to these questions and more.

Featuring results of exclusive reader research, as well as adviser and provider opinion, the report gives you unique insight into the health insurance and protection industry. The report includes a special focus on key areas of the market – including mental health and primary care – that we believe will take centre stage over the coming months.

Read the full report here.

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