Here is Why 2020 Could Be Another Big Year for Global Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The demand in the global electric vehicle charging station has been growing consistently, and is expected to grow at a stupendous CAGR of 10.19% during the forecast period. According to a Transparency Market Research report that was published recently, the global electric vehicle charging station market will surpass US$3bn by the end of 2026.

The rapid growth in the market is augmented by the stiff competition among the key players. As the sales figures for electric vehicles climb every year, the demand for charging stations will also shoot up. Sensing immense opportunities for business, prevailing players are adopting strategies to scale up their operations, while prospective players are striving to introduce innovative products. Considering the future will be electric vehicles, market players believe it is the right time to make the best move to grow their business.

The global electric vehicle charging station market is catching pace across the world. Primarily, the demand is high from Europe as some countries have announced ban on diesel automotive. North America is also swiftly reaching towards that status as people and the governments realize the need for electric vehicles.

It is proven that most developed and developing nations contribute for a significant proportion of the overall greenhouse gas emissions. In order to cut down on individual carbon footprint, governments of leading nations have announced policies that control industrial and vehicular pollution. Many countries expect to see electric vehicles on their roads by 2030. To facilitate this, they are urging automotive manufacturers to develop sustainable electric vehicles. This is increasing demand in the global electric vehicle charging station market.

Further, policy makers are introducing attractive subsidies and benefits to those purchasing electric vehicles. This attracts customers and influences them to choose electric vehicles over diesel cars. As a result, the global electric vehicle charging station market is expected to grow at an overwhelming rate. 

Public Transport to Create New Avenues

Public transport is one section of vehicle that account for huge volume of pollution. Therefore, countries are looking at introducing electric vehicles in the public transport. This will open fresh opportunities for players in the global electric vehicle charging station market. As public transport will require a large amount of fuel, they will have to be charged every night. This will fuel the demand in the global electric vehicle charging station market.


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