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How AI is Helping Call Centers in India?

Customer satisfaction is the prime objective of the call center business. With the advent in technology, one needs to adapt accordingly in order to retain their customers. Implementing the AI in the infrastructure of the call center will surely draft the results in favor of an organization and will lead to maximum customer satisfaction.




Currently, the organizations are witnessing the emergence of trends and technology in the structure of the business. Therefore, the organizations are speeding up their pace to stay in the list of business competition among the set of top business contenders.

If we talk specifically about customer satisfaction, it remains the topmost priority for all customer-centric business ventures.

The call centers in India and the US are considered as an outsourcing hub when it comes to delivering efficient customer services and proactive resolutions to the customer. Here, the call centers are technologically advanced and up to the minutes with smart inputs and services such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), etc. That’s one of the main reason why most of the business want to move their resources to BPO and call center based in these countries.

What is The Need of AI in the Call Center?

Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is the automated technology that is based on a certain set of algorithms, efficient enough to take the decision on the behalf of a human.

AI is known to perform a similar activity as a human, whether it’s critical thinking or working like a pro.

Talking about call centers, the domain is well-equipped of resources and technology that is dedicated to catering to the needs and queries of the customer pertaining to the business’s product and services by offering to resonate solutions in form of call center services.

Certain call center trends like IVR, automatic and predictive dialer, call conferencing and call monitoring are molding the re-defined shape of customer service. One such trend is overlapping the functionalities of the call center is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There is always a common point of debate that falls over the discussion of implementing the AI in the call center: “Will AI kill the human touch in Call centers or going to enhance it”?

If you are one of them who think AI will vanish out the role of real agents in the call center, then you are absolutely wrong. Human is not going face extinct from the call center, anytime sooner.

The AI just automates the functions of the call center to speed-up the task of the domain, as designed by the developers.

This blog will cover all significant ways through which AI can help the call centers grow!

How AI is Transforming the Experience of Call Center?

AI is one of the most unexplored platforms when it comes to call centers. The marketers and business owners are spotting the light over a possible factor of AI, responsible for transforming the definition of the call center and its associated perks.

With the agenda to offer the best call center services, the organizations are implementing the technology of AI in the business niche to double the rate of productivity and revenue along with approachable steps.

Here are the 5 ways to know, through which AI is helping call centers in India:

1. Capturing Granular Data from Interaction

Nine out of ten customers believe that expressing the sentiments in conversation is important to explain the virtue of services and dear products.


AI being the advanced version of basic conversation articulates the best of values by extracting node points from the conversation registered over the phone call or chatbox.

Both the AI-based chatbot and voice agents are designed in such a form, that it understands and reads the human sentiments and thus deliver the followed resolution based on the grabbed context.

Basically, the AI, the self-driven service helps in catering the call center services to its clients by focusing on their points of interest, approval, disapproval, needs, urgency and another area of astriction. Thus, balancing out the balance for the call center and its customer, AI offers the resolutions by anticipating the sentiments of the customer in order to avoid future cases of turmoil for both parties.

On the succinct note, AI helps the call center in India to grow by focusing more on the asset of an organization; the customer’s ultimate desire and expectations from the product and services followed by effortless after-service.

2. Manages the Customer’s Data

Being the owner of the call center, what would have been your prime obligation to root the seed of successful business?… if sources are believed as true, it’s the customer that is related to their product and services, directly or indirectly.

Usually, the call centers do have a vast directory of customer’s data, which is supposed to grow exponentially in the near future. Therefore, the call centers in India, US and the Philippines are focusing more on extracting and managing the details of the customers.

AI comes as a well-versed resource to assist the requirements of the call center. AI is capable enough to manage the exquisite data set via the functionalities of Big Data. The smart approach of AI enables the call center to bifurcate the sections of customer data in the defined set of rows, making it accessible for agents and customers as well, to understand the know-how of the caller’s situation.

3. Skill-Based Call Routing

The agenda for the call center is to satisfy the query of the customer with the most reliable sources available in the backdrop.

AI being the smart mechanism in the call center bolsters in polishing the servicing of resolutions as per the customer’s obligations.

AI is self-sufficient to distribute the customers to the final automated resolution or call center executive, based on their level of expertise as per the requirement of the customer.

It re-routes the call to agents in such a manner to avoid the cases of confusion leading to a fall in satisfaction rate of customers. The skill-based call routing bolsters in predicting the situations and obligations of the customer, untangling the chords of loopholes served by inefficient executives.

4. Cost Mitigation

The call center is the spine of any customer-centric organization. Which further includes ample of call center executives and other variable resources. The enumerative resource calls for the handsome input of monetary funds.

Implementing the AI in the infrastructure helps the organization in cutting the cost involved in catering to the solutions for call center services. AI, being the self-driven mechanism bolsters in regulating the chores of the call center.

Talking specifically about AI’s role in cost mitigation, the replication of basic chores of call center such as managing the customer’s data, monitoring the ins and outs of call center, status of resolutions with AI bolsters in fixating the swift working of call center along with the practice to mitigate the cost at all possible stones.

5. Instant Replies with AI-Based Chatbot

The AI-based chatbot is known for effective services catered in negligible response time. The Chatbot is basically propagated in terms of a keyword-driven context.


Chatbots are smart enough to fabricate the decisions of the behalf of a human, without any case of manual intervention. It focuses on analyzing the human sentiments and anticipates the demand through the most reliable solutions to the customer’s query within no response time as compared to attempts and steps to get in touch with agents, discarding the wait in a long calling queue.

In Conclusion

Implementing the AI in the infrastructure of the call center will surely draft the results in favor of an organization.

AI is smart, reliable, self-driven with adequate efficiency to cater to the requirements of business and customers, as well.

Countries like India, US, Philippines and UAE are considered as the outsourcing hub of call centers. The call centers are significantly taking the points into consideration when it comes to implementing the latest technology and tools in the shell of customer servicing.

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