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How Does Advanced Technology Affect Us?

Hillary Cyril




Advanced technologies like the iPad and laptops have changed our lives in many ways. We now have more power, mobility, and portability than ever before. However, the latest wave of technological advances is also ushering in a new age of crime. Criminals are using advanced technologies to avoid detection and apprehension and now they have found a home on the Internet.

Advances in technology allow a potential criminal to make his or her victim invisible using special software. They can do this by hacking into a victim’s computer through the data that is transmitted online. If they are successful, the thief is in complete control and can go ahead with their planned crime. Victims can never see what the criminal has done with their money or their identity because everything is caught on camera. The only thing the victim knows is that they have been the victim of crime and that their information has been stolen.

There are new and innovative ways to commit crimes using these latest innovations in technology. Some of them include identity theft, child pornography, tax evasion, and even arson. Criminals know that the benefits of using advanced technology in order to avoid detection and capture outweigh the cost. There have been several high-profile cases when victims who complained about the lack of technology received offers from hackers who offered to help them out with the investigation.

Advance tech

Advanced technology does not only affect the criminal element. It has also had an effect on the average consumer. With the prevalence of online shopping and communication, it is easy for crooks to use the internet as a means for fraud and other crimes. There have already been several high-profile cases of people being ripped off by online products. This type of crime will only grow as more products become available online without consumers having any way of checking for information.

It is up to us as a society to look out for this type of crime. One way that consumers can protect themselves is by having up-to-date antivirus software installed on their computers. The software which is more than six months old is highly prone to be updated and therefore less of a target for hackers. Consumers should also look out for emails that appear to be sent from a reputable company but are from an address they cannot verify. Hackers are increasingly becoming adept at using email tools and technology to send spam and phishing emails which are designed to steal information from the victim’s personal accounts.

Advances in technology are great for the general public but it is also a problem when criminals take advantage of the advances and use them to their advantage. It may be hard to believe but the fact is that we all share a common interest which is the ability to surf the net and to be able to communicate with our friends and loved ones. If we fail to practice due diligence and careful thinking when dealing with online issues we could all be at risk. Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals by installing good quality antivirus software, maintaining and updating your antivirus software on a regular basis, and being aware of your online activity at all times.

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