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How Does School Bus Routing Software Help Drivers Through Their AI And IoT Driven Technology?

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Road travels are uncertain, and if the drivers lose their control, everything will collapse. Have you ever felt the responsibility of a driver? He takes the entire responsibility on his shoulders to make sure his passengers reach their destinations on time.

School transportations involve the same risk factor as in this case. The drivers and the school management authorities are also responsible for the safety and security of the students.

Technology is the best master key that has the best solution for all kinds of challenges. To ensure safe riding, it is essential to install well-designed software that can help drivers in every possibility.

This blog deals with exploring how school bus routing software plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of school children.

How do schools manage their transportation network with software?

The biggest deal of any school management is to offer safe transportation to their students. In this growing edge of technology, there are ways to streamline the transportation network.

The school bus routing software is well-crafted for the drivers to govern and assign their routes efficiently. However, the route optimization software will guide the drivers to recognize their efficient school routes to ensure their safety.

This software will also ensure real-time tracking of the bus routes. Parents and school authorities can track the real-time location of the school buses through their mobile devices.

School bus software has become a must-have tool of schools to ensure the safety and security of the students. In addition, parents, drivers, and school authorities are also benefiting from this software.

Aspects that are focused on a school bus routing software 

The school bus routing software will focus on covering the following aspects,

  • Route optimization 

The primary aim of school bus routing software is to provide the best routes and route alternatives for the drivers. However, this software will help the drivers by identifying heavy traffic areas and suggest alternative ways. This feature will enable drivers to reach their destination in the shortest possible time.

  • Find substitute drivers through the application 

When drivers fall sick or with any other personal commitment, they will be unable to come for their duty. At this crucial time, finding a substitute is a challenging task.

Generally, in most cases, schools do not employ adequate substitute drivers with them. The School bus routing software will help the schools find substitute drivers who can take on the trip. The software will also verify the driving license of the drivers and give the nod if everything is excellent.

  • Ensures proper Licencing 

Licenses are an essential document for drivers. And, drivers cannot be appointed without a proper license. The school bus software will scan the drivers’ license, and the data gets stored in the app.

The app will send alert notifications for the drivers to update their licenses. For example, if the driver’s license is supposed to expire, the app will send the message to the driver two days in advance.

  • Real-time alerts about the weather conditions 

In some geographical areas, there will be massive snowfalls and landslides that will disturb transportation activities. However, school buses or drivers cannot adhere to such excuses.

The route optimization software will also help the drivers by updating clear and best routes. The drivers can follow them to pick up students from their destinations.

How AI and IoT play a significant role in designing school bus software?

Artificial intelligence and IoT are the latest buzzwords that are making leaps and bounds. These technologies have already made a significant impact on almost all industries. One can never forget the effect it created in the healthcare industry.

AI has been a part of all the large industries globally. You might also wonder what AI has to do with transportation software. Let us discuss how AI-driven school bus routing software works,

  • Fleet management 

The AI-induced software will help find optimized routes for the drivers to reach their intended destinations in a short duration. However, AI will predict traffic, commotions, and accident-prone zones through the software.

 In addition, it will suggest nearby routes for the drivers to save their time. This will also reduce the overall average travel duration and distance traveled every day.

  • It brings down the maintenance cost. 

The AI-driven software is good at predicting things in advance to save the time duration of the trips. By doing so, the buses will cut down the extra distances that they travel every day. This keeps the durability of the bus and fuel costs.

Moreover, the app will also set reminders for the drivers and remind them about the bus maintenance. Through this software, schools could reduce 30 percent of the maintenance costs.

  • Geofencing 

Post-pandemic, the schools are on the verge of reopening for the students. The geofencing technology will help the drivers to identify areas that have more Covid cases. This feature is mandatory for the schools to adopt.

Moreover, they also provide alternative routes and directions for the drivers to ride their school buses. And, also when students board the bus, it will record their temperatures along with the driver’s temperature.

Through this, you can identify Covid positive cases and avoid spreading the virus to other students. This is one of the significant features that are important for school management.

Wrapping up,

The technically driven school bus routing software will help schools and drivers to find optimized routes for transporting students with utmost safety and security.

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