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How India became the IT thinking Power.




A history of how the IT industry started in India, how India became the IT thinking Power, and how it has grown over the years.

With the use of computers and laptops in all spheres of life, the emergence, as well as the use of IT services i.e. information technology-based services, has now increased. It incorporates hardware, software, and business process outsourcing services. Like all other countries worldwide, India is also leading in this sector or industry. Indeed, India has become the IT thinking power. It is all due to hard efforts and the contribution of skilled professionals in this field that the country can establish its worth and name in the IT sector all through the globe. Let us now explore in somewhat detail the commencement and development of the IT industry in India.


The start of the IT industry- As per available information, the IT industry started in India in the 1970s and by the mid-1980s. It was during this era that various professionals belonging to different fields such as forecasters, policy planners, and analysts began to comprehend the prospective and probability of computer software application in various fields of life. It was only during the 1990s that the Indian IT industry emerged as one of the recognized and most important sectors.


Growth and development of the software industry- As stated above, the software sector is also an important part of the IT industry. This sector made tremendous progress during the period between 1991 and 1996. Currently, the Indian IT industry is reported to have more than 500 software firms throughout the country. It is all due to top quality, high-tech and easily affordable, and quick deliveries of the software industries that India can emerge as an IT thinking power. The export of software packages as well as other software-based items touched heights of success during 2002-03 and are going to witness unparalleled growth in the years to come.

Growth and development of the hardware sector of the IT industry- As far as the hardware segment of the IT industry is concerned, it witnessed incredible growth following the year 1991. It is all due to the increased use of telecommunications and consumer electronic products. India registered a rise of around 20% in the sale and use of personal computers during 2004. The same was the case with internet subscribers and users. It was due to the reason that PCs were used by almost all sectors including banking, telecom, manufacturing, and Business Process Outsourcing.

Launch of Digital India Project– Owing to the ever-increasing use and popularity of the IT sector, the worthy Prime Minister of India has recently launched Digital India Project. The main aim of this project is to make the IT industry reach even the most rural and remote areas all through the country. It implies all the people of India will be using computers, the internet, and the associated software, hardware, and services in the times to come.

Chief IT Hubs- The chief IT hubs of India are Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Pune. Owing to so much advancement in the IT sector, Bangalore is even referred to as Silicon Valley as well IT Capital of India.

This was all about India becoming the IT thinking power. There is still a long and successful road ahead.

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