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How is Solar Energy Produced?

Hillary Cyril



In its simplest terms, all forms of energy are directly related to motion. For instance, any given physical system has kinetic energy when it is at rest. Such a device as a spring or bow, even though at rest, possesses some potential energy due to its configuration; it also has potential energy due to its potential energy. Potential energy is what gives a spring the ability to move. If you have a person resting on a bed and apply force to the person’s body, the potential energy possessed by the body is harnessed and converted into kinetic energy. In the same way, if you remove a force from a body, there is a corresponding loss of potential energy.

Kinetic energy is a form of energy that is conserved in some form. This form is generally referred to as electromagnetic energy. Therefore, one form of electromagnetic energy is electrical energy, another form is cosmic energy, and so forth. While it may seem like we are making more categories than there are categories, in actuality the number of categories is much less than the number of unique forms of energy.

Now consider electrical and thermal energy. Electrical energy, in the form of potential energy, is the product of the moving parts and the distance they have to travel; thermal energy is the product of the temperature and the amount of heat. Thus, both forms of energy can be easily derived from each other. In short, both electrical and thermal energy are forms of electromagnetic energy, which means that they can be directly derived from electromagnetic vibrations.


Now consider the chemical reaction. Atoms, in their chemical reactions, create tiny atoms, and these atoms are made up of quarks, protons, and neutrons. These atoms move in an orbit around their parent atom. When these atoms interact with other molecules in the surrounding space, chemical reactions take place. This process of a chemical reaction is what produces the energy needed to move things (and maintain them at a certain temperature).

Consider now what happens when a molecule such as carbon dioxide is heated. The heat becomes very high, and it starts to become part of gas. The gas moves through the earth’s atmosphere, and it heats up the surrounding air, which cools the water that is located near the surface of the earth. Now consider that this process is happening constantly and that each time the gasses move this is one form of electromagnetic energy. All the molecules have a small amount of this stored energy, but as this stored energy becomes smaller it escapes into space, and it is picked up by solar panels when they are put up into the atmosphere.

Solar cells are used to store this energy and it is converted into electric current. This is how solar energy is produced. It may sound very complicated, but as you read through the information I have provided here it will start to make sense. Once you have a better understanding of how this all works it will not be a mystery any longer. Please consider this.

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