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How Technology News Media Is Effecting Society

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Technology News Media

Technology News Media has played a large role in all of this. How so you ask? Well, since the lockdown, the powers that be have attempted to stifle any type of independent or alternative media that might be out there. That includes most of the major players in the electronic media and entertainment industry. If it wasn’t for the various blogs, websites, message boards, and social media outlets decimated by this new attempt at control, perhaps the global warming disaster wouldn’t have happened as large of a blow to our economy and mankind as it has.

I suppose technically since there are fewer print publications, television, radio stations, and movies that are being broadcast, one could argue that there isn’t much of a need for technology news media. Yet, these types of media provide information on the latest advances, breakthroughs, and innovations in all industries. It’s also up to these media sources to continuously educate the general public on current events. And, often, that’s when they report something that the government is trying to suppress.

For instance, say you wanted to find a new software program for your computer. A search for new software would turn up millions of results, and most of those will be the well-known, well-respected brand names in the computer industry. But, if you’re looking for a smaller, less well-known brand, say one of the Chinese manufacturers, what’s the first thing you’d come across online? The Internet. So, that’s where technology news media comes into play.

In fact, there was a time not too long ago when there was not much technology news media available for consumers. This was due primarily to the fact that there were no major electronic retailers in operation. Retailers like Best Buy, CompUSA, Circuit City, and Circuit Radio controlled the digital content subscriptions that most consumers used to purchase technology solutions, such as computers and electronics. It was nearly impossible to subscribe to any of the electronic media services because the electronic retailers offered them at expensive prices. It was nearly impossible to find digital content subscriptions through any other service other than cable or satellite TV.

It wasn’t until later that many of the larger retailers realized that the consumer market for technology solutions had increased significantly. Thus, electronic retail stores began offering more products at lower prices. Digital music and video products became available to more individuals and at more affordable prices. People began to realize that it was easier to order some of their favorite entertainment products through the Internet. There was a rise in the number of people ordering their favorite movies and music through ITDMS, as well. And, as people began to order their technology solutions through ITDMS instead of their favorite retailers, the number of people who subscribed to ITDMS began to decline.

As technology progresses and is implemented by various businesses, ITDMS will become harder to get and stay on top of the new items and technologies. The days of being on top are dwindling, with the number of people who subscribe to digital content decreasing dramatically since the electronic retail store started offering ITDMS. Because of this, those who want to be first will be forced to subscribe to the traditional methods of gaining entertainment, which is typically more expensive.

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