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How Technology Solutions Can Help Education Agencies

Hillary Cyril



Technology Solutions is an award-winning service provider of Outsourced IT Services in the Arizona region, providing a full range of technology solutions from leading providers across the United States and Canada. The company offers a comprehensive selection of technology solutions from the leading technology leaders in the industry, including Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and Verizon. Additionally, the company provides managed services to help organizations bridge the gap between what their IT systems can do and what their budgets can handle.

Technology Solutions prides itself on working with both government and non-government customers to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions that help increase education organizations’ efficiencies at all levels. The company works with both public and private educational institutions to maximize the benefits of their investments through strategic planning and educational program evaluation. These flexible services enable educational institutions to plan and implement cost-efficient, high-quality solutions while expanding their capacity. The company’s core business focus is on technology solutions, but it also provides support for its clients’ strategic planning, information security, enterprise resource planning, network protection, and incident response programs. Technology Solutions prides itself on its mission to partner with education institutions, delivering a comprehensive assortment of technology solutions and educational programs that are built upon strong strategic planning and a robust risk management strategy.

In addition to providing its clients with a comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions, the company works to ensure that these solutions integrate seamlessly with their current network and applications environments. This enables educational organizations to save valuable time and money by eliminating the need for in-house technical staff, and by decreasing overall operational costs. In-house staff typically requires extensive training and often performs duties that do not fall under the scope of the software product. Technology Solutions also works with their clients to ensure that the selected software product is compatible with the specific operating system(s) that are used in the organization, and to ensure that the software is able to run seamlessly within the organization.

Many small businesses that have an Internet presence prefer to use Internet-based email applications such as MS Exchange and Gmail, and many are interested in hosted email solutions. Small businesses that operate their business locally often find remote work offices to be a great way to reduce operating expenses. These businesses may also benefit from having administrative support available in the event of a problem, or problems occurring while the business is not in their office. Technology Solutions can offer technical support and advice when businesses are considering hosted email solutions or Internet-based email solutions that are specifically designed for remote work.

An Education Agency can benefit from technology solutions as well if the goals of the education agency include creating a quality online learning environment. Education agency staff members may be able to access educational videos and educational content on the Internet at any time, and education content may be scheduled for members of the staff members staff to watch in the future. Technology Solutions can also work with the education agency to set up a blog on the Internet that is regularly updated with new material and up-to-date news. Education agencies may want to offer training and certification programs through remote collaboration tools. These programs would then be accessible to staff members who may not be in the office, but would still like to participate in online training or certification programs.

Technology solutions can also help education organizations develop new technology. The new technology solution can be used in classrooms, training rooms, or online. Staff members will have a new tool to learn about the field, and new technology can be shared between classrooms and training rooms. Technology consultants can also work with education organizations to create training videos that explain the latest software solutions that are offered by various companies. Education agencies can save a significant amount of money by using new technology solutions, especially if the goal is to reduce costs while providing high-quality education.

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