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How to Choose a Good Auto Mechanic




If you don’t have an auto mechanic that you can trust, you will be much less likely to bring your car in to be serviced or checked out, even when you have an obvious problem. Some mechanics will try to talk you into services that you don’t need, or even add on extra charges. Women are most often the victim of these dishonest mechanics. So, to keep from having these problems, you should take some time to look for one or two mechanics that are truly dependable and honest.

Following are some tips to choose a good auto mechanic.

First of all, you should learn about your car before you take it in to get an estimate. Do some studying on the vital parts of the car, including the brakes, fuel injection, engine, and even the exhaust system. Study your owner’s manual. Visit online forms dedicated to the make and model of your car.

Find a mechanic before you have problems with your vehicle. This will ensure that you will not make hasty and desperate decisions.

Ask your friends and family to refer you to a good mechanic. When someone has a good mechanic, they will be likely to give you a referral to them.

Instead of going to a dealership, you should get estimates from independent shops instead of dealerships, which are known to overcharge customers for even the simplest services.

Pay attention to how the mechanics you visit handle your case. Do they show you the problem or send you to the waiting room? An honest mechanic will have no problem educating you about your vehicle and the problems that you are having with it.

Observe the knowledge and professionalism of the mechanic. Don’t gauge the trustworthiness of your mechanic based on smiles and pleasantries. These are often used as a way to build up a false sense of trust. Instead, you should see if the mechanic proves that his automotive experience is superior.

Pay attention to the front office walls to find out if the mechanic holds a valid business license, is ASE certified, and has diplomas from a training program in auto mechanics. A trustworthy mechanic proudly displays these items for his clients to see.

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