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How to Implement Technology into Your Home’s Pool Area

Hugh Grant



How to Implement Technology into Your Home's Pool Area

Your pool can be a hot spot for summertime hangouts and help you create lasting memories with your loved ones. While having a pool can be a great excuse to get everyone together to have fun, the excitement doesn’t have to start there. In fact, you can up your pool game by implementing some awesome new technology.

LED Lighting

One eye-catching transformation you can make to your pool is integrating LED lighting. This can be installed on the pool’s floor or side walls for the best illumination. This ensures that your outside party fun can continue after it gets dark outside. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can always add LEDs that can change color. Whether you’re looking for some red light for a romantic evening or some blue lights to bring in the fun, it’s all possible with LED pool lighting technology.

Heating and Cooling System

A new technology that is an absolute must to ensure that your pool is available to you regardless of the season is a heating and cooling system. These systems allow you to set the thermostat on your pool to whatever temperature feels comfortable at the moment. This can allow you to use your pool during the colder months when it would normally be too cold to swim. Even better, you can chill the water in the summertime so that your guests and you don’t overheat in the sun.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Absolutely no one likes to spend their time cleaning out the pool. However, it’s a necessary part of keeping the water safe and healthy for your swimming guests. One great technology that can help to eliminate this chore for your summertime to-do list is a robotic pool cleaner. Much like a robotic floor sweeper for the inside of your home, robotic pool cleaners will cleanse the water in your pool and remove unnecessary debris on a programmable schedule.

UV-C Pool Sanitizers

We’ve all dealt with the dreaded chlorine taste and eye swelling that results from having too many chemicals in a pool. Fortunately, the days of harsh pool chemicals are over. With UV-C pool sanitizers, you can rely on ultraviolet light to keep unnecessary items in your water. These include viruses, bacteria, and even algae. Now, you can swim in your pool at any time without having to worry about itchy chlorine eyes.

Underwater Speakers

A new pool technology that you simply can’t live without is the underwater speaker. These helpful devices can be installed at the side or bottom of your pool. You can even purchase floating speakers. Regardless of where they’re positioned, underwater speakers are completely waterproof and will provide you with joyful music while you’re enjoying swimming or hanging out with your friends at the pool.

Automatic Pool Covers

Traditionally, the task of putting on your pool cover was a drag. The large cover and its ability to be picked up by the wind made it a real challenge. Fortunately, automatic pool covers have eliminated this challenge. Now, with the simple push of a button, you can enjoy closing off your pool to the elements and unwanted outdoor debris.

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