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How To Increase Your Click-Through Rates By Implementing An Amazon Email Marketing Strategy

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Marketing email is simply the act of transmitting a commercial message, usually to an extended set of individuals, via email. In its most basic form, every email sent out to a consumer or prospective client can be viewed as a marketing email. It often involves the use of email to solicit donations, request products, or solicit sales for an organization. Email marketing has proven to be extremely successful in delivering messages to its recipients at a relatively low cost and in a quick and efficient manner.

Marketing email newsletters are commonly sent out to inform subscribers of upcoming events, new products, sales, etc. There are many different types of marketing email newsletters that may be sent out on a regular basis. The content in these types of emails is typically tailored towards readers who have a genuine interest in the product being advertised. These emails are sent out in a variety of ways, including through traditional snail mail, emails in the inbox, advertisements within other electronic content, and more. Advertising email newsletters are also referred to as email blasts. Some of these electronic content campaigns utilize technologies that enable online marketers to target specific individuals by email address and geographic location.

Marketing email is vital to the success of a business because it provides the necessary marketing tools to allow the entrepreneur to build relationships with prospective customers. This enables the business owner to build a relationship by providing the information the consumer is looking for. However, building relationships requires careful planning and nurturing leads. A variety of techniques and methods are used in the creation of marketing email programs. A good example of a marketing tool that is currently being used by many marketers is a squeeze page or sequence of emails that are sent to a designated list of subscribers who opt-in to receive future emails.


Most marketing email programs have landing pages. The landing page is at the forefront of any promotional campaign. It is generally the page that appears when a user clicks on one of the links contained within an email message. In some cases, it can also be the webpage that is displayed when the browser window is opened. Regardless of which case occurs, a good landing page is vital to the success of any commercial purpose of marketing email.

For example, if you were selling an item through an amazon email service, your page would not include links to sell the item to someone else. Therefore, it would not be considered spam. On the flip side, if you were using an amazon transactional email service, you could include an affiliate link to one of your own products or even include a referral link to another site that sells the same or similar items. Both of these kinds of links are permitted under the regulations set forth by the United States Federal Trade Commission, which are put into place to protect the consumer from harmful or deceptive business practices.

Amazon also has an excellent reputation for providing excellent customer support and a vast variety of products and services. This makes it an excellent platform for conducting an effective email marketing strategy. Additionally, many customers use their Amazon emails to make purchasing decisions. This makes it an even greater opportunity for promoting your products. If you want to increase your click-through rates, your sales, and your bottom line, then you should consider an effective email marketing strategy with Amazon.

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