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How to Use Technology Backgrounds on Your Images

Hillary Cyril



You may not know it, but the answer to your question is yes; technology backgrounds can have a profound effect on how you think. In a new article in Psychological Review, participants were asked about “the influence of technology on people”. The results showed that there is indeed a strong relationship between technology and mental processes. Specifically, the use of high-tech devices (like watches, phones, televisions) directly affects how we think. It is found that individuals who are always on the go tend to be excessively focused on their gadgets-and that’s a bad thing.

According to the researchers, when an individual is preoccupied with their gadget-it means they spend less time thinking about something else. This, according to them, makes them more prone to negative behavior. People, as you may know, like things that are constantly changing and evolving. And so, if you constantly get yourself wrapped up in your digital content or your mobile phone, you are more likely to be stressed out or depressed. The stress caused by technology backgrounds directly affects your mood and can even cause depression. The study concluded that the link between technology backgrounds and mental disorders may be causal, and not merely reactive.

Interestingly, they did not consider three of the most significant technological background elements: video games, cell phones, and laptops. And what about advertising? The connection between advertising and mental health was also not considered. Perhaps, if these three elements are all taken into consideration, we can say that the overwhelming influence of technology on our minds is a very real phenomenon and perhaps a major cause of the contemporary mental disorders.


If you take a closer look at how this all started, you will notice that it all started with the ability to convert PDF files into a more common format, the JPEG. Almost all leading electronic gadgets had the capability to convert PDF files into JPEG in order to be able to access them. The next step came with the availability of software to edit digital content, like photographs and movies. You can now even upload digital content to the Internet.

There are still people who prefer to use their hard drives and computers in order to edit digital content and the Internet, so they can save time and effort in searching for images and pictures to use as stock photos. However, there are more people who are changing their attitude and using technology backgrounds instead of hard drive space and traditional media. It’s no surprise that digital-content websites are seeing a surge in traffic and revenue. With all these easy ways to share your digital content, you can use any of these tools and apply any of these technology backgrounds on any photo or picture of your choice. For example, if you have an amazing portfolio of images featuring some of your most striking images and you want to use it as a stock photo, you can do this by simply uploading your images to one of these websites and getting it converted into a high-quality jpeg image that can be further edited according to your preferences.

There are many free resources available online to help you convert PDF files into a high-quality JPEG. The only thing that you need to do is to look for a high-quality photo editing software that can make this conversion process easier for you. After you have made the necessary changes, you can simply publish your new unsplash image using your desired image editing program. You can then use the jpeg file that you uploaded on your website, along with your other free stock photos and images, to promote your products, services, blogs, or websites. Just like in your portfolio, simply post the unsplash images that you have converted from PDF into JPEG and you are all set!

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