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How To Utilize Your Tech Skills At A New Job For A Nonprofit

Hugh Grant



Shifting your career to the nonprofit sector might have been a tough choice. The lack of funding for some nonprofits might not make them a very financially successful venture. Most that enter the nonprofit sector understand this and would rather feel great after a day of work. Far too many people get up in the morning and feel like they have given a piece of their soul. Leveraging tech skills at any job is going to be a huge advantage and it is the same for nonprofits. You can thrive and work your way up the ladder of the nonprofit or even be given the opportunity to run your own in the future. The following are tips to utilize your tech skills so you can thrive in a new role at a nonprofit. 

Learning New Tools Geared To Nonprofits 

Learning new tools related to nonprofits can be so important. Bringing in Raiser’s Edge consultants can help teach the staff on how to use software related to nonprofit accounting. There is an entire industry of tools geared towards nonprofits that you can look into. Learning how to operate a few tools can help put you ahead of other applicants looking to get into a nonprofit job role.  

The Redesign Of The Website 

The website of a nonprofit can have a number of goals associated with it. Generating exposure along with donations are both likely main goals of the website. SEO is a part of web design that can be important when trying to rank ahead of other related nonprofits. The truth is that you are helping the nonprofit compete for donations as there is a finite amount of resources available in some areas. Not all nonprofits have donors that promise to cover operating expenses year after year. 

Digital Marketing Knowledge Can Be Invaluable 

Digital marketing can be such a huge part of working at a nonprofit. The marketing budget is not going to be massive which is very important. Digital marketing can include social media which is valuable to a nonprofit as it is free to post. The ability to reach a huge audience with targeted hashtags can be so helpful. Trending with other nonprofits can allow for donations and exposure at the highest level. Tracking ROI on every penny spent on digital marketing might fall on those that understand how to use certain tracking tools. 

Automating Certain Tasks 

The automation of tasks can be so important for a nonprofit that is already stretched for staff and volunteers. Data entry is a perfect example as the transmission of data being automated across file types can be so important. Automation is something that can eliminate human error while making the staff more efficient simultaneously. Allow staff to do their jobs by automating as many administrative tasks as possible. 

Learning new tech skills can allow you to transition to a variety of nonprofits that you’d like to work for. Take the time to figure out which skills are in the highest demand for nonprofits.

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