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How video insights are transforming businesses as we know them




  • CCTV camera systems are much more than just an essential part of a company’s security infrastructure.
  • Adopting them can lead to a smarter, safer workforce and more efficient delivery.
  • Dahua Technology and Axis Communications are among the companies that have helped businesses transform with video insights. 

CCTV and surveillance equipment have rapidly become a mainstay across the UK. From public transport networks to high streets and the workplace, the presence of monitoring cameras is a standard and widely accepted aspect of our everyday lives.

Today, the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA) estimates that the UK now has between four and six million CCTV cameras in operation, equating to approximately 16 to 24 cameras per square kilometre. 

Although network cameras are often associated with security, their applications extend far beyond mere surveillance. Cameras need not be confined to security roles. Integrate one into production systems, and they can swiftly and efficiently analyse operational data to optimise processes or constantly monitor for potential failures in automated systems. 

Or install a CCTV camera in a distribution centre, and logistics companies will benefit from monitoring container stacking according to criteria such as weight and form, enabling greater business optimisation and productivity.  

The rise of smart security technology and video insights has brought about great possibilities for transforming businesses. 

Enhancing logistics through video analytics 

With over 5 billion users worldwide, the UK has the third largest eCommerce market in the world after China and the US. People are increasingly turning to the Internet to find the best deals and prices, making this the go-to place for shoppers seeking fashion, health, electronic, or beauty products.

While the ‘death of the high street’ has made shopping highly convenient, without the need to travel, endure potential crowds or face the disappointment of out-of-stock items, logistics operators are feeling the heat to process orders and dispatch goods faster than ever before. 

It is a warehousing manager’s nightmare. A customer follows up on their order, only to discover it cannot be located in the inventory. When compounded by discrepancies in stock checks, the ensuing chaos not only consumes valuable time and incurs additional costs but also risks damaging the company’s reputation. 

Installing CCTV cameras is a cost-effective and practical solution, enhancing visibility, establishing an audit trail and monitoring distribution. 

In fact, businesses which have adopted these systems have seen time spent on order-related questions drop by 70% and their error KPIs improve by 50%, as a result of better video insights. 

Dahua Technology is among those companies that have helped logistics centres enhance their delivery. For instance, with the deployment of their varifocal dome cameras, multi-sensor panoramic IR bullet cameras, and fixed-focal dome cameras at the operations desk and loading bay of a warehouse, the high-tech logistics operations business ran more smoothly, reducing irregularities and saving valuable time.

Workforce protection with CCTV cameras

Making workplaces less appealing targets for potential bad actors is perhaps the most obvious application of all. CCTV cameras are not silent witnesses, they are active deterrents making workplaces safer and a no-go zone for harassment. 

The data speaks for itself – offices with CCTV cameras experience markedly fewer theft incidents. It is all about fostering an atmosphere where potential wrongdoers know they are under constant surveillance. The sight of a camera can act as a psychological stop sign, putting a dent in criminal intent before it even gets off the ground. 

In emergencies or incidents, camera systems and real-time monitoring allow for immediate response in cases of accidents, fires, or other critical situations, minimising the risk of injuries. People counting analytics can also track the presence of workers and identify those who are not wearing appropriate PPE or safety headgear from the moment they enter a hazardous location. 


Much like Dahua Technology, Axis Communications helps combat workplace violence with its body-worn cameras. As an example, the company helped a premier healthcare system in the United States close cases with more clear-cut evidence. This led to the quick dismissal of false complaints against officers and, in one case, an upgraded weapons assault charge for an assailant. 

Getting ahead of the curve in business transformation

Digital transformation should be right at the forefront of every company’s to-do list. Video insights obtained through the adoption of CCTV camera systems can provide businesses with essential analytics to enhance decision-making, understand customer behaviours and better protect their assets.  

Leveraging them is a truly powerful tool for businesses to gain a competitive advantage, transform and stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital world. 

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