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In most of consumer electronics, Wi-Fi has become a very important part and therefore, it significant to have a serviceable wireless network in your office and home.  Unfortunately, the typical ISP model breaks down due to air conditioners, lots of wiring in the walls and metallic heating on ceilings or floors. This problem however can be solved using the following ways:

  1. Wi-Fi Range Extenders

Range extenders can be used to extend Wi-Fi network. They are small units that can be plugged into an electrical channel. After plugging, configure it to repeat the signal from the main source. More extenders are needed for networks that are slower or older.

  1. Wireless Access Points

In case of a larger office or home, it is advisable to use a high-performance networking. Depending on your budgets and needs, APs can be an old router or cheap consumer devices or even a efficient mesh of purpose-built Aps. The following are advantages and disadvantages of each option.

      3.Using routers

Old routers can be used as wireless Access Point. This can be achievable by connecting the main router to the LAN port. In older days, the Aps were very expensive and hence re-using routers was valuable. One advantage of using router is that it has lots of LAN ports.

       4. Using Powerline to access Ethernet to  access points

Often, you need to put an Access Point where you do not have wired Ethernet. Powerline is a product that can help you supply Ethernet over your in-home wiring. It comes in pairs and one is used at a receiving end and the other one at a transmitting end. The Powerline products usually have two caveats. First, if your electrical system is complex, you need to ensure that the receiver and transmitter are not separated by any components. Second, you cannot plug them into power strip. Nevertheless, they are usually good for those multifaceted electrical systems.

       5. Mesh of Access Points

Mesh kind of Aps is the way to go for those whose homes or offices have wired Ethernet. From a single site, mesh can be administered, offering an effective option for optimum channel management. In the past, Mesh of Access Points was hard to administer and very expensive, in fact they were only used in bigger enterprises.

       6. Upgrade to Gigabit (wiring & routers)

You can supplement your router with a small hub or Gigabit switch. Make sure that the Gigabit Ethernet is supported by your router, both on the WAN and LAN side when your ISP provides extra 100Mbps. Note that only two pairs of wires are required for an Ethernet of 100 Mbps, and 4 pairs for 1Gbps.

You will decide which connectivity solution is best for you. If you have a good budget, and you need performance, access the wired Ethernet using wired Aps.  However, if you cannot run cables of the Ethernet to locations that are remote and you need performance, then Powerline is good for you. Lastly if you only need the simplest way to go, wireless range extenders are best for you.

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