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The workplace as well as work itself has changed as we transition from an industrial to an information age. With this transition, it has become easier for people to be freelancers. Now, you do not have to report to work in the morning and leave in the evening having put in your required hours. It is now possible to work from your home using the skills and knowledge you possess become more important in today’s job market.

Freelancing has also relied heavily on advances in technology, providing freelance creatives and other freelancers the equipment they need to work from almost anywhere and that doesn’t have to be installed in factories. This has greatly reduced the capital needed to be your own boss and provides you with more independence and autonomy.

However, it is not all roses when it comes to freelancing. Competition is stiff due to lower bar of entry, independence, being your own boss and autonomy in working. Creative freedom has made freelancing especially attractive to writers, artists and designers, making it even more competitive for freelance creatives. Your competition ranges from experienced veterans to newbies who charge practically nothing. You therefore have your work cut out when it comes to building a brand and getting customers, two of the most important things to any freelancer.

Reasons inbound marketing work for freelance designers

Inbound marketing involves providing valuable information to clients. This information is meant to ultimately lead back to you and help you close a sale. Some of the techniques include blogs, webinars, social media marketing and newsletters to name but a few.

These tools are well-suited for freelance creatives like designers since they are easy and cost-effective to implement, have a wide reach, effective and measurable. Inbound marketing is well-suited for freelance creatives since:

• Providing useful information to clients establishes you as an authority in your field of expertise: This is important as it helps you establish yourself as a brand. It is mostly all that your first clients will have to go on.

• It enables potential clients to see what you have done: This can be achieved using videos, portfolios and other techniques utilized in inbound marketing.

• Inbound marketing makes closing the deal easier: Well-designed inbound marketing follow the ABC rule of Always Be Closing. This ensures that your marketing efforts have a high success rate. It also increases revenue and profitability.

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