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Indre Raviv: Paving The Way For Women In AI

Adriaan Brits



According to studies done by PwC Global, AI’s total contribution to the global economy would reach $15.7 trillion by 2030.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly leaving the realm of science fiction and entering the realm of reality: Every day, millions of people engage with smart assistants like Siri or Alexa, and it’s virtually become standard in certain fields (particularly analytics) for software to include machine learning or embedded AI.

Talent is a prevalent hurdle for businesses across industries when it comes to achieving AI goals. Many companies are stepping up their AI recruiting while attempting to broaden their talent sources since they lack the requisite AI expertise. Artificial Intelligence Specialist is the top developing job in the United States, according to a 2020 LinkedIn research, with hiring growth of 74% annually over the past four years.

Despite the growing demand for AI, at least one skill pool that could assist organizations in realizing their AI goals has remained virtually untapped: women. In 2020, women will make up around 47% of the US workforce. In addition, women acquired the majority of graduate certificates, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees from US universities in 2019.

Currently, just 18% of C-level jobs in the artificial intelligence/machine learning area are held by women, which is not a typical statistic in the tech industry, but this does not account for all the powerful women who are founding AI-focused businesses. According to some studies, women make up only 13.5% of the machine learning field and less than 10% of the AI field, and while acknowledging the gender gap is important, it’s also important to acknowledge the many chief scientists and researchers who are making significant progress in machine learning and AI.

Pictured Above: Indre Raviv

Get To Know Indre

One of the women making waves in the artificial intelligence field is Indre Raviv. Indre’s life aim is to create brands that will stand the test of time. These companies are purpose-driven, make a significant impact on people’s lives, are built on strong emotional connections, act with integrity, and constantly reinvent themselves in order to achieve their goals.

Indre currently leads the CUJO AI Marketing Team’s global talent and passion. She is a recognized thought leader and global influencer in the field of marketing transformation: she is a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, a member of the Forbes Communications Council, and a member of the editorial board of the New York-based Business & Management Journal. Her work as a Ph.D. in Economics has resulted in 57 peer-reviewed journal publications published in major business and economics research journals.


CUJO AI is the world’s leading provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions that help network operators protect their customers’ digital lives both inside and outside the house. CUJO AI is at the forefront of providing protection to billions of network service subscribers around the world by pioneering AI-powered cybersecurity and leveraging a growing ecosystem of OEM partners. The complete capabilities of CUJO AI are used by mobile and fixed network operators to improve their customer value proposition, monetize their networks, and minimize operating complexity and expenses. The CUJO AI Platform is a cloud and edge software stack that collects, processes, curates, and acts on device-level network data throughout an operator network.

Final Thought

When it comes to shaping systems that have the potential to affect everyone on the planet, it’s critical that women have a say. Many people are concerned that AI will learn gender bias, and those who are less optimistic about AI are concerned that if AI does not learn the emotional intelligence that women are more likely to have, AI will have a very limited view of the world and will be unable to relate to the entirety of humanity.

However, women in AI and machine learning are already making significant progress. Many of these women, like Indre, are building support mechanisms to help other women succeed in the industry. It is critical to recognize and honor women who work in the AI business by demonstrating how their efforts contribute to growth and innovation. When women share their experiences, it encourages additional women to join the field around the world.

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