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Information Technology and Its Impact in Business and Society

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Information technology is a way of organizing various systems for storing, processing, controlling, as well as transmitting information and data. It covers a broad area of computer science, but it can be pertained to any one of these fields. Information technology is basically the application of computers to make, manipulate, store, manage, and transmit all types of data and information. IT is usually employed in the context of organizational activities rather than personal or gaming technology. The computer hardware, software, networking systems, desktop and laptop computers, memory devices, storage devices, and other supporting equipment are some of the things that make up IT infrastructure.

There are four major parts in the development of information systems: hardware, software, infrastructure, and information management. The hardware portion includes peripherals such as keyboards, scanners, printers, and others. Central processing units (CPU) and main computers are the other major components. The software part involves applications and also infrastructure development. It should be noted that the internet has become an important part of information technology.

Information technology planning covers strategic decisions and the methods used in implementing them. The implementation of computer systems requires considerable planning. This is because the business world is rapidly evolving and becoming a highly complex and dynamic environment. The need for improved efficiency and productivity is therefore required. Information technology planning covers many aspects of computer systems and includes business, financial, customer, and operational aspects.


Business information technology has two major components – business processes and computer systems. The process of information systems integration can be categorized into a logical and physical design. Integration is therefore an important part of business information technology. Integration implies the successful co-existence of these two elements.

Another important field of research is computer science. Computer science involves patterns, algorithms, and the discipline of the study of computers. Some of the areas of computer science include programming languages, programming theory, and compilers. One of the greatest challenges facing information technology today is software quality assurance. It is very important to have quality assurance in computer systems because the success of the system depends on the quality of the software.

Information technology security is another major concern of computer systems. The goal of information security is to enhance the protection of data by preventing access to it. The most common tools for information security include firewalls, software, and networks. There is growing concern about the security of electronic databases. New security standards for information technology are being developed and implemented.

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