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Integration Space – On Its Way To A New World Wide Technology

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



World Wide Technology, Incorporated is a privately held international technology consulting firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. The company employs over 7,000 individuals worldwide. The founder of the company is Zeevan Khatchaturian. In 1992, the company received its start-up capital through the acquisition of three companies: Digital Realty, a developer of real estate-related software; Global Domains International, which owns and operates several websites related to travel, information technology, finance, business, and the Internet; and Tradewinds, which owns and operates an information technology company. Currently, the company provides its global partners with proprietary information and business intelligence on how to improve their own businesses.

Among the worldwide technology companies based in St. Louis is Cisco Systems, Inc. which happens to be the largest provider of all types of networking hardware and services. Cisco has more than a hundred percent share of the network infrastructure market in the world. In particular, Cisco is one of the major suppliers of home VoIP (voice over IP) services to consumers and businesses around the world. As part of a study conducted by The Cisco Consumer polls, WPT ranked third among all companies supplying home VoIP services in terms of revenues.

In another study conducted by the Economic Research Service of the National Bureau of Economic Research, or ERS, for the private industry in the United States, the largest IT supplier was found to be WPT in third place. The ERS further added that Cisco had the largest share of the entire market, followed by Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. March proved that the popularity of worldwide technology companies in St. Louis has not waned since the last few years when Cisco celebrated its centennial year.

The St. Louis Fed, another economic organization in the state, ranked fourth among the largest companies producing businesses in the worldwide technology industries. Among the eight major St. Louis area firms, three of them have been named as “top national high-tech metro areas.” Among those named, Cisco was ranked first, followed by Xerox and Hewlett Packard.

This year, St. Louis expects to double its annual revenues, as it continues to emerge as a hub for innovative technology and supply chain solutions to large public enterprises. Cisco Systems, Incorporated is one of the largest recipients of federal government funding. In fact, the United States Military relies on Cisco’s technology in everything from computer networking to telecommunication systems. In fact, Cisco Systems ranked second only to the United States Military Department in overall funding for research and development of new worldwide technology. With approximately $3.5 billion in yearly revenues and growing every year, Cisco is definitely on its way to securing its position as the leading provider of information technology and business process solutions to companies in the United States and around the world. Cisco is also on its way to achieving worldwide leadership in Information Technology Infrastructure Solutions.

With approximately one hundred and twenty-one patents granted, Cisco is considered to be the most innovative, pioneering, and cutting edge information technology firm on the planet. Cisco Systems, Incorporated is now on its way to experiencing continued growth, as it brings new innovations, products, and solutions to market every single year. The globalization trend, fueled by the convergence of different technological ecosystems, is giving rise to a new worldwide technology and supply chain model. Integration Space, which includes Cisco Systems, is on its way to redefining the manner in which organizations interact with each other and with a much larger customer base.

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