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Intelligent Fire Alarm System Market Sales and Growth Analysis

  • An intelligent fire alarm system is specifically designed to provide advantages such as identification of the fire location, locate any fault in the alarm system wiring, and ensure easier maintenance. Moreover, these modern intelligent fire alarm systems are more sensitive as compared to the classic models and are competent to detect false alarms.
  • Intelligent fire alarm systems utilize smart devices along with wireless technology to protect & manage buildings or workstations through a remote control panel (essentially a mobile application that can be downloaded, installed, and accessed from a smartphone). Intelligent fire alarm systems are usually available in three designs: addressable, conventional, and wireless.

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Increase in awareness about benefits of intelligent fire alarm systems driving the global market

  • Increasing number of fire incidents coupled with loss of property & life has enhanced the demand for automatic intelligent fire alarm systems in residential and commercial buildings. An intelligent fire alarm system helps to reduce release of greenhouse gases. Likewise, they also help to reduce the property or asset damages caused by fire and help to protect the atmosphere by reducing the utilization of water for extinguishing a fire. Therefore, increase in awareness about benefits of intelligent fire alarm systems is expected to drive the global intelligent fire alarm system market during the forecast period.

Increasing employee safety standards across industries driving the use of intelligent fire alarm systems

  • Increasing employee safety standards worldwide is augmenting the demand for intelligent fire alarm systems. Companies are recognizing the necessity of adopting intelligent fire alarm systems to protect the employees at workstations and safeguard the property as well. Additionally, various acts have been initiated to promote employee safety standards worldwide such as Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) to provide safety to workers at workstations. Therefore, increasing employee safety standards is expected to positively impact the intelligent fire alarm system market worldwide.


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