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Interview with Synereo:OMNI tokens and constitute the fuel of Synereo’s attention economy model




Q: What can you tell us about your currency? 

AMPs are pre-minted OMNI tokens, and constitute the fuel of Synereo’s Attention Economy model.
AMPs represent attention, and will be mainly used to amplify content on Synereo’s decentralized social networking solutions – meaning increasing its reach and the amount of audience attention it receives. Parties interested in increasing the reach of content will pay AMPs, while the audience engaging with this content will earn a share of these AMPs as a compensation for their attention.

Q: What type of services exist or can we expect in the future?”

For future uses see above. At the moment Synereo develops attention economy solution for existing social networks, and employs AMPs as a means to compensate content creators, and curators which help them match their audiences.

Q: Are you targeting the consumer or Business Market? If so, how does the business model work?”

Synereo’s products are consumer facing but do have implications for the business sector. Synereo’s business model is based on established open source models, and will generate income mainly through implementation, consultation and services concerning our products.

Q: What are the details around the most important project you’re working on currently?

Please view the rodemap on our site and have a look at the learn more section

Q: How does the competition compare?

There are several players in the field of decentralized social solutions, e.g teams like Akasha. We try to learn from each other and promote the open source blockchain space in general. Synereo is different in the respect that we emphasize the importance of economic models built around content-creator compensation and income models for valuable social networking activity.  Additionally, Synereo’s approach is unique in terms of leveraging existing platforms and their existing network effects for the success of the Synereo network.


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